Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jesus Is a Straight Shooter

God I love Missouri.  Yeah, the weather sucks and the women ain't California girls, but God bless 'em! 

On the wall is a map of the Exodus from Egypt. On nearby folding tables is an arsenal of shotguns, rifles, revolvers and pistols and books like "Armed and Female."

Welcome to First Baptist Church, in Wentzville.

Missouri Style Church Pot Luck

Jill McClelland, 67, who owns the New Melle Gun Shop, teaches the seminar with gun-shop employee Ann Layton, 53. Both are members of the church.

"Ann and I are here to talk about firearms and what a blessing they are and how much fun they can be if used correctly," McClelland says. She recommends a revolver for beginners.

"It is so simple," she says.

Awww, so precious! Don't you just want to hug 'em to pieces?!

Free, White and Christian. The only way to be.



At least the women are NORMAL in MO, not at all like CA.
See this LOL

Orion said...

Yeah, they even cook and clean too, thermo. I just want to squeeze 'em soooooo tight!