Friday, October 22, 2010

A White Woman Speaks Out

I wish I could say "and now a word from my wife" but alas, women like this are about as scarce as a cat at a dog show.  We aren't going to win until we have more women like this.  You go gurl!


Anonymous said...

This woman would be spit on and denigrated by CONservatives while painfully obvious thieves and traitors like Sara Palin and that flaky O'Donnell are glorified over by delusional, teary eyed Amurricans.

No, friends, we will not save ourselves at the ballot box, that much is certain.

Lormarie said...

Why not just write her already!!! Maybe you are what she's been looking for!

Orion said...

We could live in Alaska and hoard gold and ammo!

Orion said...


You're right. It is my hope that their choice of leaders like Palin and O'Donnell prove to them once and for all that the ballot box is useless.