Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who Says Fords Don't Last?

My starter just went out on my 88 (great number!) XLT 4WD Ranger and I had to replace it. Uncle Wolf has 172k miles on him so it was inevitable. After putting the truck on ramps and crawling under to remove it, I checked the starter that I pulled and it was the orginal starter it came with 22 years ago. I just hope the remanufactured one I put in lasts half as long.

I love my old truck. Most women wouldn't understand but a truck is very utilitarian, like a leatherman or a rifle with Pictinny rails. I have a truck bed toolbox in the back that has all my tools, cables and straps and I can throw a couple of select rifles and some ammo in it and head for the deepest woods. The old Ranger can go places a regular truck can't and it's fun to drive in the snow. I can haul, tow, push, pull and go places I wouldn't dare with my car.

Yeah, it's all manual; I have to roll up the windows, turn on the headlights, get out and lock the wheels for 4drive and it creaks some. My kid hates it, she says she would never drive my "dirty ole truck, it smells like a farm truck!"

Yep, and that's just the way I like it. :)

Ya'll get in, let's go 4wheeling!


Cleveland here said...

I have 94 E350 with 154000 and it runs like a top..I just sold a 82 F150 300 4speed with 120,000 ran great too.

I did have one F150 2 Wheel Drive 300 auto 290,000 before it got totaled..Bought a 2002 F150 brand new then traded it for ex wife's mini van with 120,000 plus never in the shop for a repair not once.

I had a 2005 E350 I used for Expediting when I sold it it had 150,000..Here is E250 set up the same..with a million.. Screw those idiots that say American cars are not as good as the Jap junk out there..

Orion said...

A million miles! Now that's a well built vehicle.

Cleveland, you remember those old Econoline flat noses? Kinda looked like the old VW Vans. Buddy of mine still has one, a 68 or something I think. I remember going out in the woods in one of those, piling out, building a huge bonfire and drinking 'til the sun rose in the morning. Good thing about having vans was plenty of people could pass out in the back!

I had a 97 F-150 with a crew cab and extra long bed but I could never park the thing in the city. That's what I like about the Ranger, it will park anywhere.

I wonder what kinda truck VA Reb drives? I bet he's a Chevy man!

Cleveland here said...

Yes I always wanted to get a flat nose to restore..Prefer a camper..
Will look for one in a couple of years. You can still get body panels for those things believe it or not. A rust free is best though.

Id bet Jeff does drive a Chevy. He seems like one of those

I would put money that putz Dave that annoys everyone drives some old toyota tercel around..

Orion said...

eh, I bet Davy boy doesn't even have a truck. He drives a Metro.