Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inside The Beast

Earlier, Orion14 wrote a post about the conviction of Hal Turner for exercising his First amendment rights. In our view, he was using those rights to divide and confuse the Movement at the behest of the FBI and the JTTF. Both are secret police agencies with carte blanche to trample your rights into the mud.

If Hal had been a true patriot he would have received our support, as much as we dispise him. When a comrade is in trouble, the thing to do is close ranks and provide as much support as one can. You may hate someone's guts in the foxhole, but you'd better be watching over each other because if either one falls, the other soon follows.

But Hal was never a patriot nor a comrade. He was a tool for the Federal Government, the same one that is out to destroy the White race. There are many whites that work for that government and they are just as much traitors as Turner.

For the coming Insurgents that will be taking on the Great Satan, here is a taste of what you will get if you are captured. Remember, this is mild stuff compared to what will happen after you've taken out some high government officials, civilian and military. To be taken alive knowing this fact will be up to the individual, because it will be worse than abu ghraib, Bagram in Afghanistan or the Federal Pens at Marion or Colorado.

Here is what Hal went through during his detention before he made bail. This is standard for the ZOG in order to break a man down. This is where your training as an insurgent, if done correctly, will pay off in the end.

Right after Turner was arrested:

After being processed at the FBI building in Newark, Turner was held in the Newark City Jail on Green Street that first night. He slept on a wooden bench, no blanket or pillow and no food. Welcome to the criminal justice system.

This is what he went through in Chicago. I can relate to this. It's the break down tactic.

Hal Turner was whisked back to prison at MCC Chicago. He was put immediately back in The SHU. His schedule went like this:

6:00 AM Lights on in the cell.

6:30 AM Breakfast served through the cell door.

7:00 AM Trash and trays collected through the cell door.

From 7:00 to 8:00 to 9:00 to 10:00 to 11:00 . . . . . . . nothing. No TV, no video, no radio, no games, no telephone, no one to talk to, nothing to read.

11:30 AM, Lunch is served through the cell door.

12:00 Noon, trash and trays collected.

From 12:00 to 1:00 to 2:00 to 3:00 to 4:00. . . . . . . nothing. No TV, no video, no radio, no games, no telephone, no one to talk to, nothing to read.

4:30 PM Dinner is served through the cell door.

5:00 Trash and trays collected.

From 5:00 to 6:00 to 7:00 to 8:00 to 9:00 to 10:00. . . . . . nothing. No TV, no video, no radio, no games, no telephone, no one to talk to, nothing to read.

10:00 Lights out in the cell.

That was Hal Turner’s schedule every day, from July 28 until September 10. Hal Turner endured isolation in the Essex County Jail (2 weeks), then got to general population for a week at the FTC in Oklahoma City, then got put back in isolation for a week there; then in isolation from July 28 through August 10 at the Bail Hearing, then back into isolation from August 10 through September 10 when a new Judge got involved in the case.

You can read the rest here

Bill White and Matt Hale, the Order members...They all went though the same thing, and one should know what to expect if one decides to take action or even speak out against the criminal government in DC.

But have faith. One day their system will be used against them. We will fill the jails with the judges, the jailers, the secret police forces and the policy makers.

And no one will hear them scream. The only sound coming from the prison courtyard will be the chorus of seven 308 rounds being locked and loaded as the last thing they will hear before it's all over.

Will to power. We can do it. Wish it, and it will come.


Anonymous said...

I listened to this guy, followed him from almost when he began. He would disappear and then reappear, and I'd continue listening to him. Even when it come out that 4chan hacked into his email account with proof that he was working for the feds, I listened and just assumed he was a fed that was thinking right and proper. Hell, I still think that he probably was aware that white nationalists do have a legitimate beef with the not so great satan. Or perhaps just a better actor than anything hollywood could ever proffer up to the asses of masses. The lesson learned here is, so what if I do know of a real threat such as the imaginary muslim extremist that wants to kill people and break things. I should cooperate with Fed Zog? If I'm aware of a nest of MS-13 gang bangers dealing drugs to a bunch of middle and high schoolers in a school that has already become majority non white. Should I risk working for Fed Zog just to get the other enemy out of my city? Hell, I may be able to work with MS-13 up to a point.

But it IS unforgivable to be a white man, with perhaps a genuine concern for white people, to throw your lot in with the not so great satan, and think you are helping the cause for white preservation. Might as well piss up a tree, and curse the birds for getting wet.


Orion said...

I guess we're all different but I couldn't handle his braggadocio style as it was just too obvious and over the top. He was good at picking up breaking stories however, and I used to visit his site for that.

What really turned me off and raised red flags was his interrupting Dr. Pierce's audio reading of the Turner Diaries with jungle bunny music and his running ads from the US Army and running Ashcroft's tolerance ads. It just snowballed from there.

The lesson I hope we all get is that people are not what they seem, especially in this movement. In this regard both Metzger and Wickstrom should have known better than to call Turner a "brother". This makes me cock an eyebrow.

There is a difference in working for the ZOG to entrap people and gather intel vs turning in Mud whenever you can. It should be done sparingly, and only if you can't take care of the problem yourself. I have no problem whatsoever calling the pigs on a group of mexishits standing at a streetcorner looking for work, or at a bar, or from whatever rock they happen to crawl from. At least until we can declare a free fire zone wherever they are found.

Joy said...

Yeah I am real leary of Wickstrom, Metzger and Jay Faber.

What Turner did is disgusting and unforgiveable.

Orion said...

It's Joy!

I don't know about Wickstrom, though I've heard some things but not anything that would indicate he's working for the Fed. Same with Metzger. I have my my misgivings about Farber though. Something is not right about him.

Here's an interesting post from Bill White's blog, which is being run by someone outside the system.

Turner is worse than pond scum.