Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Tangled Web

Well, well.  It looks like the jewish controlled media in this country, so hot to provide excuses for the nigger that shot up a beer distributor in Manchester, Connecticut jumped the gun a bit.  Turns out the distributor is a jewish concern.  Seems the owner, Ross Hollander, filed a lawsuit in 2006 on behalf of negros in Bloomfield so they could have new facilities to destroy.  Why would a beer distributor do that?  Because Mr. Hollander is jewish, and he felt that call of the blood to "repair the world". Looks like his has been destroyed, however.

Here's a story on one of the victims, an orthodox jew.

So watch this story disappear as the "racist" angle can no longer be used against whites.  That or it will turn into a memorial for those that died in a terrible tragedy, oi vey.

So I want to put this to the jews that have some sense left in them and understand what awaits them in 20-30 years when the non-white hordes rule America.  What do you think will happen to you?  Do you think the non-whites will show you the same sympathy you showed them?  The big jews think they are going to run things in a post-european America, like they do in Mexico and points south, but I'm here to tell you that will not happen.  Just the Muslims alone flooding the country will ensure it does not.

Ha.  You haven't seen pogrom yet.


lormarie said...

This happened close to my neck of the woods but that's besides the point. I was horrified when one of my facebook friends blamed racism for the murderer's actions. I was one of the few who strongly disagreed. People have no idea how harmful it is to make excuses for murderers. Their excuses will certainly come back to bite them.

mj said...

They wont even care that one of their own got murdered by the DREK.

I was in a chat-room last night and they call him a hero, and more whites will die.

In David Horowitz book the radical son, (he is an x-commie, a moderately conservative type now), but he said to the Jews he hung with in the 60's;
"What have the blacks ever done for us?, we lost 2 and they have done nothing for us"

They probably never will.

Those "Jews" didnt listen then, and they wont listen now, they will march straight to their deaths and in a hundred years, movies will be made, to gain sympathy and the truth will never be told about their Bolshevik/Marxist ways.

I notice the T-party does not consider themselves 'kosher' unless the blacks are leading the show. So, they are NO better, imo.

lormarie said...

There is hope at last. I was on another thread and the black murderer got no sympathy whatoever! Also, no black person I spoke with off the net expressed sympathy for Thornton. I should clarify that some of those making excuses for for him were ultra-white liberals.

Orion said...

I thought this might be near you, Lormae. I know if you had been there you'd have spit some beechnut in that dude's eye and shot him down with your .45!

Thermo, what kind of chat room were you in?! Was it the JTF chat room?!

MJ said...

NO Orion!! , "Issues With Race" in "Govt & Human rights"

You should join and fight these EVIL people in paltalk!

My name is pookie_gin in paltalk.

Are you kidding! the JTF really only like black people that are usually Christian or like Alan Keyes and Pastor Manning.

They would like LorMarie b/c she is righteous.
I like LorMarie, b/c she is just down to earth..
Your buddy incog put an old post up about me on his .net. AND I Swore to GOD that I didnt mess with his wordpress, that is something I dont do unless SERIOUS.

I dont like the old bear, but I dont do things like that. I prefer the fight :D

Lor: It wont be the first, b/c the left wing pigs have USED black people, they use them. BIGTIME.

lormarie said...


Thanks for the compliments.

btw, I meant ultra-liberal whites rather than ultra-white liberals.

Orion said...

That's right, Lormae is a good black gynocologist!

Anonymous said...

"I Swore to GOD that I didn't mess with his wordpress,"

Jews are liars. It's mandatory in their talmud. If they don't obey the prognostications, set forth in this glorified arse wipe, they are no jew. By law they should have their tongues removed after birth, not their peckers. Male and female.
Maybe their fingers too, to more limit their ability to communicate lies.
Which God did you swear to MJ?

Was it the God of Child murder, Organ theft, war mongering,usury pedophilia, and evil?

In other words, was it the G-d of the jew (khazar)?

That's not a lot to base your case on.

Cannibal Rabbi.

mj said...

Orion, did you see that UGLY SOB,Jihad-lovin crazy a$$, atheist, 'Jew'-bird Weiner?

I hope you saw my funnies
:D LOL!! :D

NP- LorMarie. I think you are smart and swell.

At this point people can be whatever, if they/we are taking up for what is RIGHT, they are RIGHT, no matter the color, religion, creed, etc.
As far as these white liberals that are ultra left wing, they deserve what they've got coming- using people that they think are 'less than', we only have at this point- GOD, b/c I belive the days ahead are evil.