Saturday, November 6, 2010

Broken Links

While checking my links the other night I noticed that all the material I hosted on was gone.  It looks like they just pulled my plug and consequently most of the links under Survival and Insurgent Studies are broke.  Not to worry, I still have the books and will find a new hosting site soon.

The reason I put these books up is for study.  They are not a blueprint because Insurgency in America will be on a whole other plane than say, fighting an insurgency in a turd world country.  Nevertheless, these books are studied by the military in their academies and should be studied by thoughtful, determined patriots.  Studying tactics from the past is the basis for strategy in the future.  And believe me, despite this political circus called American politics, a time is coming when blood will have to flow if we are to be free.  Ever has it been.

So hang tight and as soon as I can get hosted somewhere I'll re-link them for download by White Patriots the world over!

Also, don't forget to check out the other links I have to Blackwater, Think-Tanks and Private Military Companies.  You can glean a lot if you just extrapolate from what they are saying.

Hail the Victory!

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