Monday, November 1, 2010

My Country My Ass

Tonight will be akin to having a front row seat at the Roman Coliseum watching the lions devour the Christians.  There will be some surprises though, and I'm going to make a few predictions here.  Of course, my real hope is to watch everyone's flag droop and cold reality slap a few tri-corner hats off some heads as the night goes on but I digress. 

1. Harry Reid keeps his senate seat.
2. Joe Miller loses in Alaska.
3. West Virginia stays a blue state.

Politics is always fun but revolutions are better!  Too bad we aren't really having one tonight.  Oh well, maybe after this effort fails, the cartridge box is next?  Stay tuned!


Orion said...

The Illinois senate race goes to the demoncrats. It's a tradition in Illinois; vote for the most corrupt politician with the most unpronounceable name.

Joy said...

Great title!
My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

I think you prognosticated 100% of your prognostications .

#1 Harry Reid kept itz seat, can't let TOO many explicit zogbots get wiped from positions of power.

#2 Joe Miller loses in Alaska? With Lisa Murkowski entrenched with those "native Americans" and the various tax exempt organizations allied with various "native american" interests in Alaska, I can see the drunken redman learning to write and spell when his interests are at stake. "C'mon INJUN, itz MUR KOW SKI, try it again!!! Here's a pen. MUR KOW SKI!"

#3 Not sure, but I think the jew blew blues maintained. You will have to update me. As of now, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Guess we have to tolerate another year or two before real men start polishing their rusty muskets, sighting their scopes, and hopefully at least start to prepare for the loss of the local grocer as a source of sustenance.

Other than that, we could try voting again in two years. /smirk


Orion said...

I missed the Illinois race too, I was sure the demons were going to steal it.

I was going to come up with a more comprehensive list but my workload defered my procrastination up to the last minute!

Anonymous said...

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