Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hijacked and Hoodwinked

From one of the founders of the movement, an excellent blog post on what the tea party was originally all about. Remember this as Fox Jews rattles on tonight about the great Tea Party revolution. The average Kwan has the memory of a drunk sailor on Sunday morning.

This indictment is not limited to the nation's large banks, although it certainly starts there. The corruption of our economic and monetary systems runs the gamut from Fannie and Freddie through their ties to Congress (including literal sexual encounters in some cases), banking interests selling trash securities to everyone from pension funds on down, judges who don't judge but rather protect monied interests on Wall Street, The Federal Reserve intentionally debasing our currency and monetizing government debt, government spending that is running 40% above revenues and much more.

In short, The Tea Party was and is about the the corruption of American Politics and the blatant and outrageous theft from all Americans that has resulted. It is about personal responsibility and enforcement of the law against those who have robbed, financially ****d and pillaged the nation.

Yet today we hear literally nothing about these issues among the so-called "Tea Party" candidates and their backers. Sarah Palin has not said one word about locking up the banksters that brought up on the housing bubble and economic collapse. Not one word about Bernanke's out-of-control Fed and the arguably unlawful monetization of Fannie and Freddie paper, not to mention the monetization of the Federal Debt. Not one word about throwing judges such as this one:

Levine? Now why would someone with a good Irish name like Levine seek to frustrate people ripped off  by Futures Brokers?? I thought the Irish were all for the downtrodden; for the little guy!  Social Justice and all that!  I wonder who he's protecting...hmm....

More proof, as if any more were needed, that working within the system to reform or save it is useless. The only time any revolutionary should participate in a corrupt system is to BRING IT DOWN!

Let's all work toward that goal.

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