Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Infesto Pollice

The games begin!

From Mother England, where it all started!

Left wingers brace for the worse!

Right wingers awash in the blood!

Missouri Results:

Kansas City

Saint Louis

For those about to die, we salute you!  Sorta.


Orion said...

Bulldyke, race mixing demonshit Carnahan just got the Missouri boot ride from Whites in Missouri!

Orion said...

Haha! That jerk Grayson loses his seat in Florida!

Reichsmarshal said...

Heh. Alan Dis-Grayson getting his freakish ass kicked out of office was the highlight of the whole carnival for me. An idiot returns to his village.

'twas "racism" however that led to his defeat. He claims his district is "gerrymandered" rather than coming to grips with the obvious reason for his crushing defeat: He's a big fat loser monkey with a bad hair piece.

Orion said...

Yeah, and seeing Obama's old senate seat taken by a Republican was great too. You and I understand this is just a dog and pony show but by god, It's great to see egaliatarian, mud loving, white hating demoncrats get a stiff boot up their ass!

The big disappointment was Reid keeping his seat. He's a pathetic piece of shit if ever there was one. Nevada and the Western States are gone.