Sunday, November 14, 2010


Is hate a bad thing? After all, it's one of our more powerful emotions. I think people get confused when they are told to love anything and everybody and to supress the feeling of hate. That is very unhealthy and can lead to all kinds of mistakes, like allowing mestizo filth walk among us.

The homeowner, Stephanie Lane, who is eight months pregnant, told police that an intruder entered her house and attacked her 4-year-old son, Dakota, with a pair of scissors. Lane attempted unsuccessfully to fend off the attacker. She was assaulted but not seriously injured. Dakota, however, suffered 36 stab wounds and was pronounced dead at a Tulsa hospital.

A second child, Dakota's 6-year-old brother, was sleeping in another room at the time of the break-in and was not injured, police said.
That unspeakable piece of subhuman garbage killed this 4 year old white child:

Here is the family's Myspace page.  She is just 24 years old, a working class mom married to a working class guy.  Not only are we working and middle class people being assaulted from all sides by the Government economically, it is also seeking our destruction by flooding our country with third world sewage to outbreed, outnumber and eventually destroy us.  There can be no other conclusion.

So is it wrong to hate?  Am I justified in feeling hate and fury at what has happened to my racial kinsfolk?  I'm going to let someone explain it better than I can, courtesy of Tom Metzger over at

Learn to know it.  Learn to use it.  Do not deny it.  And save your most virile, healthy hate for those who allowed this little boy to die by letting racial enemies into our midst.


LorMarie said...

When I first looked at the post, I thought about the fact that hate destroys the person who hates. Then I read on and learned that a child was killed and in such a brutal manner. I won't even waste time arguing against hate this time because I personally hate people who harm children (for me, the race of the child doesn't matter). What angers me also is that some lawyer and advocate are actually going to take up the cause of this filth. Had this thing been shot trying to cross the border, the child would still be alive.

Orion said...

Hate is an emotion that animates us and calls us to action. It's a necessary part of us, although it's not a pleasant emotion. I'd much rather be sitting on my porch drinking a brandy and smoking a cigar with a What? me Worry? face but unfornately that's no longer possible considering the circumstances. If we don't start hating our enemies we'll never succeed in preventing tragedies like this.

Grab your gun Lormae, I know you gots one!