Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Blog of Bishop Richard Nelson Williamson

This is Catholicism as it used to be. As long as his blog stays up and for as long as he's free and doesn't recant the truth, we will add Bishop Williamson's blog to our blog roll. While I don't agree with Catholic Doctrine on the whole, and I'm sure he wouldn't agree to be here, anyone that the jews seek to destroy is a comrade in arms, whether he be a bishop, a baptist, an atheist, an odinist or a muslim. This is the key in defeating the global jewish death culture that threatens our very existence.

The ancients had a saying – “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.

In this threat of a worldwide conflagration hanging over our heads, we must recognize the justice of a merciful God. If men choose to make the storm break, it will be terrible, but it will also cleanse. We must pray quietly and steadily to the Sacred Heart, and trust him, trust him, trust him. Kyrie Eleison.


Anonymous said...

thanxs for the blog connection. As a native of st. louis, and raised catholic, it was not until recently I learned of father coughlin and now biship williamson, a couple of truth tellers who told it like it is. Bishop williamson has been against the iraq war, which is another, or REAL reason jews are out for him.

Orion said...

You're welcome. I got the link from Spirit/water/blood also has some links to his other writings. Both are on the blog roll here.

Whatever our differences, we must hang together or we will all hang separately.

Anonymous said...

absolutely right about standing together or falling. I see in the future that past institutions, whether church, region, urban or rural will not matter. It will be white american and the will to survive that will matter, and likely then we will forge a new society together. Thanx for your great blog, it is one of the most helpful and practical ones out there for us. P.S: I have been learning about FEMA, so called concentration camps, and their plan to use the army, israeli security companies to disarm us, and haul us away. do you have any knowledge of this?

Orion said...

Well said. I remind people that the first attempt at real resistance, the Order, was a group of Christians and Odinists. Our enemy wants us to keep fighting each other; Christian fighting Muslim, Muslim fighting each other, Christian fighting each other and everyone else who doesn't believe. Interesting that there are atheist jews, orthodox jews and everything in between, but they can come together when it counts.

We must put aside our differences and come together also. Once we've cleansed our soil and nation of the aliens among us, THEN we can discuss our differences and work them out.

I do understand the Christian viewpoint (I'm not talking about judeos here) who get pissed when their religion is insulted and demeaned. I say to my brethren, let them that are without belief deal with their own soul and know that yours is secure in the faith.

As for FEMA and the camps, there is a lot of info on that, especially in the blogs I have linked to. The Army has been trained by the jews in Urban Warfare and torture, since they have the most experience in their little concentration camp called Palestine.

Blackwater will be a big player in the coming oppression. I believe they now call themselves "Xe". We could possibly turn quite a few military people but "Xe" will be dedicated Zionist soldiers with a blood lust like no other.

Orion said...

Not to mention, and which is the real frustration for me, is the division of the left and right in fighting the manifestion of the spiritual principle of destruction, the jews.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Brother ... I don't want this to deteriorate into a slugfest ...

but other than Matthews and Lane, what was the percentage of those that remained faithful ?

Do you know the consensus of those Christians still locked down (I do), that they would do things differently if given the chance ?

Don't we understand and believe the concept of "sin in the camp" taught in the Word and how it has brought us down before ?

"Once we've cleansed our soil and nation of the aliens among us, THEN we can discuss our differences and work them out."

I thought we had a grasp on the bigger picture - the jews are NOT in control.
They are loosed but for a season. They serve as a useful implement of correction in Gods hand against a people who just will not listen.

That's the point - there will NEVER be a land cleansing unless we do it His way. All our efforts will continue in vain and our tribulations will only increase.

Why does one suppose our people will be more receptive to Christ AFTER the land is cleansed ? You know the rowdy mentality of the victorious soldier ...
the mocking will only increase in earnest.

Wonder what God has to say about being shelved ? Aaah ...
we'll get around to checking Him out later, long as it don't interfere with party time.

And yeah, some of us are pretty pissed off about the blasphemous
running their mouth off about our God. One should bear in mind a nobody, a little knotheaded shepherd boy by the name of David who had heard quite enough from a mocker.

I've brought all this to the fore for reasons already mentioned. I've talked behind no ones back and will not beat it in the ground.

There are only 2 sides - Gods vs. all others. He set those boundaries long ago, not I.

Duty is duty.

Orion said...

Brother Jeff,

If my enemy is shooting at me, and some white men rush to help, should I ask them if they believe in the Blood? And what should my response be if they say no?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

... and if you print these 2 comments, let me add further ...

Since it was a leading question, designed to trap me, let me jump right in like you wanted and put it all on MY shoulders.

Suppose I was in transit and saw some white men under seige by ZOG or some niggers - would I call out and ask Biblical questions first (no more ludicrous than your scenario) ?

Don't be ridiculous man ... of course I would open right up on them and stay to see it thru with my kinsmen.

BUT, afterwards I would be up on my stump, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they had never heard the true gospel of Christ.

And then if they rejected Him ... yes I would vacate the premises. But I will of done what I could.