Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Site Added -

This is one that our friend LFD recommended a while back but got lost in the shuffle. We think it may be related to Spirit/Water/Blood on our blog roll. Lots of good links, blog and even a forum! Not intended for judeo-xians.

Supporting cultural distinctiveness and helping to make possible a simpler, and more authentic life-way for Bible-believing Christians, is an independent organization free of government, corporate, or academic influence. We strive to nurture families and nourish ethnic identity, and both biblical liberty and independence as well as mutual interdependence. As cultural secessionists, we cultivate the difference within which shows in difference without. There is no shame in your color, and no dishonor in the shared history of your people. Stop believing the lies, and start accepting the truth. Let us help!

located under our section "Christianity without the Judeo". As it was meant to be, of course!

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