Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exercises for the Resistance

A fit insurgent is an effective insurgent. How are you going to carry around a 10lb rifle and 30lbs of gear if you can't even carry your own weight around?! How are you going to fight ZOG agents if you can't even fight your way out a wet paper bag? How are you going to evade capture if you are huffing and a puffing after a 10 yard dash? Do you want to be a soft pussy type like Alex Linder or the posters at Free Republic?!

There is no reason for ANY resistance fighter to be unable to fight. No excuses. And think of this; even if you aren't in the active resistance, anyone with politically incorrect thoughts will be subject to prison time. Anyone with any sort of firearm will go to jail or the camps. Ever been in a jail full of niggers or Mexicans? You will regret being out of shape.

Here's a website that's really good for the person that wants to get in shape and stay that way. It's called and I highly recommend it. It has everything from animated exercise instruction to weight management to fitness calculators.

here's an example: This is an exercise that is skipped by many who just want big arms and and a tan under a sunlamp. if you want to put some power behind your kick across some ZOG agent or mud's chest, this is the exercise to do.

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