Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming Soon To Your Area

Parts of St. louis are already like this. I don't usually like to cross post but Detroit is such a bellwether for other cities that sometimes I just have to.

This is the future you will leave your children because you lived for the moment and didn't sacrifice for the future. Check out where she describes how they used to play on the street in safety. This is what the social marxist bastards have done to South Africa, Europe and many American cities, and they won't stop unless every last one of them are GROUND INTO THE DIRT!


Anonymous said...

This shit boggles the mind! The Negroid has NO place in society, none.

Orion said...

nobody beats the negro in absolute destruction of civilized societies. What was it that William A White once said? "this is a breed halfway between human and animal". We don't have to say it, it's in evidence every day.

Anonymous said...

As much as I'd like to argue and scream racist, racist, racist, I can't. I was just on another blog where posters were encouraged to flee black areas in order to save our lives...but it was a black blog. What does it say when even members of the "targeted collective" speak of the same dangers?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Lormarie - if I might be permitted to say -
it speaks volumes.

I think the consensus amongst quite the few of us has been , yeah - there are probably a few good blacks.

BUT ...

When it hits the fan, in all the fury and whirlwind of the moment there will be no distinquishing between the two sides.

As God's plan alone works and as Orion has proclaimed many times - separation is the solution.
It will come to that and all nations can benefit by adherance to Gods law.

We all have our own messes to clean up.
Just the thoughts of a scruffy ol rebel ...

Orion said...

It is sad, Lormarie. The problem is these folks will flee to White areas and the process will repeat itself over again. To top it off, those few blacks in white majority areas who are hard-working citizens are going to suffer the same fate.

When the races were segregated, Black folk didn't have this problem, at least not as bad as it is now. In the south, blacks had their schools, banks, their own businesses, fathers headed up the family and they didn't tolerate crime.

A good start for resolving all this is to repeal all the laws against "discrimination", and let people associate freely with who they want. Another good thing would be to put the rabble of both races to swift justice as in days past, instead of the Noahide laws we suffer under today. Do away with the prisons. When people understand that a rope or a firing squad will be waiting for them in quick order if they get out of line, it has a way of keeping things civilized.

Anonymous said...

LOL, this can go down a road I didn't intend to travel here. In order to avoid that, allow me to explain why I made the comment:

My point was that I can't call a white person a racist for saying almost the exact same things I read on Khadija's Blog. In other words, had I read these sentiments before going to her blog, I would have thought it was racist. The similarities "stopped" me in my tracks. Only the motives are different.


First, I'd be careful with championing "God's Laws" as there are many that I'm sure you will not follow. Even when Christians attempt to divide the laws into "Moral laws that we should follow" vs. Ceremonial laws that "aren't for the church" there are still complications. I personally see no evidence for your claims about God's laws but as I told you before, the bible isn't the best document to use to bring about racial segregation. As far as I'm concerned, segregation is a choice we make for our personal lives and should never be made the law of the land.


There were plenty of crimes among the black collective during segregation. The victims were primarily black women and children. The women suffered in silence as to avoid "getting the men in serious trouble."

I realize this is a blog from the white nationalist perspective so I don't think it's a good idea for me to bring in my side of the story too much. Thus, I had to clarify my point.

Orion said...

Wha?! I thought we were going to Seig Heil you Lormarie, the Black Joan of Arc, as she leads the diaspora to a new begining, where she would be hailed as the Mother of New Africa!

It's okay Lormarie, you can say anything you want here, after all, you're our honorary Aryan. No one will attack you ad hominem as was done over at the other blog. We are Apollonian free!