Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Blog Added - Age of Treason

From the Post "Now the New York Times wants to talk about Immigration", concerning the recent New York Times Article entitled "The Natives Are Restless". The New York Times, as you may recall, was recently purchased by a Mexican jew. Bet you didn't know there were rich kikes in Mexico, huh?

We have good cause to be angry. The harm done to us is by now crystal clear. Our country, as we knew it, seems doomed. What our enemies are doing now is trying to ensure that no one will be punished for the crime. The crime is genocide - a deliberately pursued policy to harm Whites. The editors of the Times and anyone who agrees with them are genocidalists. Their paranoia about what Whites might do to immigrants, or themselves, does not excuse them. Their response to White objections to the injustice inflicted upon us by immigration is not only unsympathetic, it is openly contemptuous and repressive. Their foot is on our throats. They meet our pleas to stop with derision and push harder. What they could in 1965 pretend was immigration, justified and debated on the basis of how many should be admitted in the best interests of the natives, has been revealed as a culture-killing invasion and alien colonization. Now we are told by our erstwhile dictators that it is expressly for the benefit of the immigrants, the cost to us irrelevant. It is a premeditated and coldly executed program to replace us, and the more we resist the more they pretend they are justified to dislike and fear us.

Not only is it informative reading, but it has lots of great links. This will be the replacement for The Civic Platform, Which the owner has stated will not be returning.

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