Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Blog Added - Liberal White Boy

A new friend for Lormarie! Located under my Left Side of the Web section.

I found this blog courtsey of ANU, and it looks interesting. He doesn't get it on the race issue but we can't have everything. lots of good info about Madoff in this post. These are the kind of people we need to come to an understanding with. I know the more revolutionary minded of you understand this.

For some reason these types just can't grasp the connection between civilization and genetics. To them, concepts of justice and Society as a Racial Construct just doesn't click. I will never understand this but he does seem to understand the threat the jews pose to all the nations, and that's a good start.

So check it out. Already the jews have flagged his blog as "objectionable". I'm sure many of you with superior persuasive powers can post some comments, drop links...that sort of thing.

Let's take a look at the names of the federal magistrates who determined whether Bernie remained free. Ronald Ellis, Gabriel Gorenstein and Theodore Katz. I'll be damned aren't all of these Jewish names? I wonder if this Judge Ellis is related to the Jewish Judge T. S. Ellis now presiding over the Rosen, Weissman and AIPAC espionage trial now languishing in legal hospice. That's the treason trial that our Zionist censored media never speaks of. And I wonder who the U.S. Attorney responsible for prosecuting Mr. Madoff is. Why it’s Lev Dassin. Lev? Isn't that an Apartheid Israeli name? And of course it goes without saying that Mr. Madoff is also represented by Jewish attorney, Ira Sorkin.

The rest here


Anonymous said...

It seems like another JCE site but only nicer, LOL.

Orion said...

Hey Lormarie, it looks like he might be jewish. Apparently, he has a fetish for African Breasts, too. Don't let him see your "what I don't like about my body" post, or he'll be stalking you for sure, Haha! You know how jews are about stalking!

Anonymous said...

I saw some of your stuff on WhatReallyHappened (10/24), and I used those population & travel cost figures in a posting elsewhere. Somebody called me out on it, and when I checked, things seemed 'off'. For one you put Israel's population at 5,000,000 million. It's now apparently around 7,634,000. You cited Legistorm for the travel stuff; but, where exactly did you get it from? I can't dupicate your #s. Also, since Palestine isn't a country, where didd those figure come from? Was it all from an earlier year? I'm hoping there's a good reason because now I don't look reliable.

Orion said...

Sorry Friend, I've never cited those stats as I recall. Maybe you are talking about Liberal White Boy's blog?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Sorry about the mix-up. My link appeared to say that it was sending me to 'liberal white boy'. I'll try again to find him. Any advice on how to do that?

Orion said...

If you're looking for Liberal White Boy's blog, it's under my section on the links panel (scroll down some) called "the other side of the blogosphere" under the blogger content warning. His blog has been flagged but just click through to "I wish to continue" and you'll be on his blog. Hope that helps.