Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Two-fer from Insurgent Radio!

Okay guys and gals, it's time to put on your class IV armor, turn on the radio, grab your AK and march thoughout the house pumping it into the air as you tune in to Insurgent Radio!

First up is Ghost Wolf Radio calling, otherwise known as The Guerrilla Man. Tonight he talks about practical tactics for the lone wolf insurgent, so grab your silenced rifle and gather 'round!

For the main show, Tommy engages in a monologue where he discusses issues of importance to every resistance fighter, takes some calls and dispenses with his usual pearls of wisdom from 40 years in the struggle. Don't miss this show!

Wouldn't you like to get this type of revolutionary talk delivered to your mailbox twice a day? You can! Just visit and subscribe today! Think of it. For less than fidty cents a day, you'll be a well informed white revolutionary ready to take on blight wingers, Freepers, KHANservatives and other enemies of our struggle.

Remember, the only solution is what? WHITE REVOLUTION! For those about to listen, we salute you!


Orion said...

Remember, If you go marching up and down your house pumping your rifle while shouting RAHOWA!, make sure your weapon is unloaded, of course!

Seriously, tune in while working on the bag and you'll get very motivated!

Reichsmarshal said...

Fifty cents a day? By Odin's beard, that's a far better deal than bloated Sally Struthers is offering in her drive to get stupid White people to feed fly infested, pot bellied niggers sitting in their own feces, and who are too stupid to grow food on the most fertile land on the planet.

"For just a few quarters a day this jaundice eyed little nigger can get three squares a day. Isn't it time you made the call? Today!We'll even send you a picture of your sponsored shitskin..."

Orion said...

And not only will you get progress reports and pictures, the little nig might show up on your doorstep one day, courtesy of the Judeo-Xians who so love their little muds!

RM, I figured it out. I pulled out my trusty calculator and then punched in the cost of 2 shows a day, divided it by the circumference of the Earth times my shoe size and it's only .38 cents a day! Now that's a deal that just can't be beat!