Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back on Moderation Again

Not because of any of the opposition, although it gets old to have a falasha jew pop on here and keep repeating the same stupid crap all the time, but because of a freak Eastern European self styled "White Christian" turk named "Apollonian". I tried to ban his address but he keeps moving around the campus in San Antonio and I can only ban 3 addresses at a time. It's okay, he's in for a very rude surprise shortly. Trust me.

So, if anyone wishes to comment on any of the posts here, feel free. It might take a while to let them through since I actually work for a living, unlike that insane freak Apoo, but everything will get through, even if you hate my guts. And who doesn't? :)

Oh, by the way, I've added a new blog to The Other Side called The Mad Jewess. I like spunky people and she is one ball of spunky fury! So pop in and say hi!


Shalmaneser said...

That guy has been banned from every pro-White site that I've ever been to. What's his problem?

Orion said...

severe mental psychosis. White reference seems to like him, but then again, he likes the NSM and other freaks of the so-called "movement". Go figure.

Shalmaneser said...

Hey Orion, you might want to link to this site if you're interested. Apologies if you have already.

Orion said...

Thanks, Shalmaneser. I'll put it in my links.

Prothink said...

I get the same problem with assholes who comment assassinate from behind a keyboards. COWARDS. Thats all the are and all they'll ever be. I ENCOURAGE them all to call into my LIVE radio show and even bait them to do so, to call me out on any dissenting view or association they have of me, but NEVER do they step up. This lack of action and cowardly keyboard assassins are actually having a problem with truths they cant handle nor want to accept.

Mike Delaney

Orion said...

Yeah, it sucks. I should move over to wordpress where the banning abilities are better, but I haven't decided yet.

When is your show? Every Tuesday? Let me know and I'll link up to it.