Sunday, April 5, 2009

What I've Been Picking and Grinning To

I'm an old gootar player, self taught, played lead for a bunch of bands. Anyway, sometimes I like to pick it up again and put on Youtube and play along. I thought you might like to hear what I've been playing lately. Maybe if I can get my redheaded step chil to bring her camera, we'll video it someday!

First up is one of my favorites, Roger Hodgson. I dedicate this to LFD and his significant other!

I learned this the other night, fun to play. I don't know Blackmore's Rainbow version yet but I really like this one. Joe Lynn Turner's accoustic version.

Here is the studio version of the song. I need a keyboardist!

I really like the old mushy stuff when I turn in my Man Card, and Bread is one of the best. Learned both of these in one night!

This is crying in your pillow music :)

I can play this one in my sleep. Damn, has it been that long? When there's lightning! Dio was one ugly little Italian but he sure could sing!


LFD said...

What about "you don't bring me flowers"? Not exactly known for it's guitar riffs, but probably gay enough for ya.

Orion said...

How about Boy Georges' version of everything I own? OMG, talk about memories! Goosebump city!

LFD said...

Against my better judgement, I cut and pasted that link. I was mildly surprised to find that Boy George sounded LESS GAY than David Gates. Backup band reminds me of the Fugees.

Anonymous said...

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Orion said...

Yeah, why don't you come see me, big boy?

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Orion said...

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