Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What the Well Dressed Insurgent is Wearing

Screw "Tea Parties". It's all a diversion. I mean, where were these guys when Bush the War Criminal was burning though millions of dollars a second? Maybe someone should tell Newt Gingrich that it was Bush who started the bailouts, not Obama. These poor souls mean well and their hearts are in the right place yet they just don't understand what they are up against. But I digress.

For a real party, the fashionable insurgent is always in demand. What does the he/she wear? Let's have a look!

First, you need a good pair of steel toed boots. In addition to protecting your feet, it also adds that little extra when kicking your opponent.

Next you need a good MOLLE vest. MOLLE stands for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is the core piece of your fighting gear. The good thing about MOLLE gear is you can accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! You can add mag pouches

Frag grenades

Radio gear

utility pouches

And trauma kits!

just about anything you need to make sure you be the winner in the fight!

So what vest to wear? So many decisions! Up first is our plate carrier model. This is good when you are in a rifle fight and are expecting some really fast spinning things to come your way.

Of course, Plates are not included!

Next is the tactical vest. This is usually used by the pigs who expect little or no resistance from their target or don't expect any prolonged firefights. good for when you are carrying out targeted assassinations and have the element of surprise. Notice the loops for your utility belt.

Or you could choose a chest rig. This for those who don't want to lug around extra weight associated with plates or need something lightweight for those missions that require it.

To round it all out, don't forget your gloves

And your way cool Baclava Mask

Comes in sizes for the lady insurgents too!

Finally, it's time to choose your weapon.

Do you want it in Black?

Or in genuine wood trim

Whatever you get, don't forget your optics!

And don't forget to stuff these in your MOLLE pouches before you go. You'll need them!

Godspeed, Warriors. Your people are depending on you!

Valhalla, I am coming!!!!!



My white national buddy Dave Baker an author wrote a post on just that for my Blog about Traitor Repubs.
Simply put:
They are GOP OR BUST, and quite frankly they are MAD b/c Obama got in- they dont even see how EVIL this PIG IS, they just think hes a DEM.
He is NO dem- #1. Anti-Christian
#2. Is hiring 45 Muzzies on his staff in our white house.
#3. He may be 'non-practicing' but he's a Muzie
#4. is WITH BOLSHEVIKS and studied Marxism, and he HATES America.
Last but not least, he is destroying it WORSE than Bush- APOLOGIZING for our 'arrogance'
Arrogance.. NO, we are sick, demented, debaucherous pigs and b/c of these people we get the govt we deserve.
I am going into hiding before they throw all our asses in the chambers.
:( :( WHAAH.
Good post- it AINT ABOUT TAXES. It IS about the LEFTIST MARXIST BOLSHEVIKS MO FOS that have totally WRECKED our nation since 1962.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I hear the rumblings 'n grumblings of these party goer's growing louder every day.

Guess we'll get to see
if the saying "show me" (put up or shut up) holds true nationally. These boots are either made for walkin (stomp'n)..
or they're not.

I sense the true die hards are gonna get their otherwise swollen ranks thinned out when the gloves come off soon.

Voluntarily thinned out.

May we ever look to Christ for strength and guidance.

Yes ...
we'll take a couple dozen of each ! :)



DIS FEST!! Another AGAINST the fags POST :) GIT ER DUN!

Reichsmarshal said...

Bloody Bill, that is a fine array of party favors, and the only reason the disgruntled sheeple who attended the tea parties would scoff at locking and loading is because they still cling to the erroneous assumption that this is still our government and that all we need is to wait for 2010 or 2012 to vote for the next crop of kosher kandidates to make it all "right" again.

Until they become better familiarized with ZOG and its true nature, they'll continue these impotent side show events.(In as much as the growing civil unrest creates discomfort and unease for the Marxist elites, I still support "tea parties" wholeheartedly.)

Civil disobedience kind of loses its punch when you pick up the empty chip bags and paper cups on your way back to the global plantation. I'm glad the Founding Fathers were not overly concerned with such niceties as whether or not they had a permit to dump the tea into Boston harbor. (On the other hand Britain wouldn't have been able to use us as a proxy against Germany twice and we'd be living in a Whiter world with out Bolshevism and kikejew supremacy.)

Orion said...

Hey Jeff, The great shakeout is soon upon us and as you say, we'll see who'll do the walking and who'll do the stomping. My last milita unit did a lot of running, throwing down their weapons on their way out after what Timothy, blessed be his name, did to the ZOG in OKC. "We's just fo the restoration of the constituton" Baaa Baaa, we didn't want any of thisssss". I learned a lot about people that day.

The day is coming soon. A filibuster proof congress full of social, egalitarian marxists that are chomping at the bit to finish us off.

I say, the time for talk is over. It's time to prepare for war and to live or die like free White men.

I've been working out again and trying to get down to my fighting weight of 195-210, along with some muy Thai refresher training so I can take an enemy down fast. Getting too old to go rounds and rounds like I used to.

'Ought to brang yo virginny arse and come shooting out here in Missouri. Bring some trusted friends. We can discuss things.

Orion said...

Mad, check out majorityrights under "snappy refutations #7. There is a post there that you could ride with and explode into 50 megatons!

Orion said...

RM, I could be wrong but I don't think we are ever going to see anything but the one party system in Washington. The one party machines of the Cities have now moved into DC, and there will be about as many republicans in DC as there are in San Francisco. What that means is the White Man in this country is finished, if he continues to do nothing.

I think it's been planned this way by God or the Gods, as they require blood and fire in order to live free from Tyranny. They are about to test us to see if we have the mettle.

LorMarie said...

Well, something's definitely coming down the pipes...

Orion said...

Lormarie is going to be wearing her fashionable counterinsurgency apparel, I bet!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Orion - that's exactly what I'm talking about. Lot of 'em were all hurrah for parade time and "old glory", but once they realized ...SHee - it,
this is gonna get ruff ... and YES, they are gonna try and wax yer ass - they cut 'n run 'n leave ya hanging in the wind. "We don't wanna play no more".

Gonna be alot more turncoats floating to the top as the screws get tightened. We should bear this in mind.

We know we need to encourage/warn the troops though and we all wish we could be a bit more open in conversations ... but that's not the wise thing to do.

We know we are monitored to some extent (we have enemies - all are not stupid), even led on at times by provacatuers. Those with the correct mindset though will most always be the silent ones we never hear from. Guess there's nothing wrong with that. It's a survival thing.

But a few of us have gotta brave the threats and intimidation ... to help those trying to get up to speed. For some of us, it's harder to keep quiet -in that peace only comes once you've done your duty and sounded the alarm.

You, Joy, RM, Lone Wolf, Wheeler & others and even me infrequently. If you've been at it awhile, rest assured we've already been logged in.

But my(our)concern is whether I'm logged into Gods final accounts Book and therein I lay up my treasures. I'm assured of a spot in His camp, sheltered and safe - I fear not the tempest at hand.

I reckon us Virginians oughta bury some lead in yall's hill sides, considering how much of it we've taken out ! Honorable mention for Sedalia !

How long you reckon before they get really serious about rolling and fixed roadblocks (homeland security checkpoints)?

What are their plans for that division or 2brought stateside I wonder ?

And I must agree wholeheartedly with RM ... I've long been convinced of the same thing. For alot of the sheeple,
"Disaster !!" strikes the second beer prices go up, or the favorite brain dead jungle sports get canceled. Sell ya out for a twinkie and a soda pop.

They haven't a clue and I see no way they'll awaken and comprehend in time. Truly a product of this system.

Rattled on long enuff - gotta change the typewriter ribbon again.

Guess it's time to ramble on ...


I got BOLSHEVIK on the front page of WORDPRESS :)



He booted the Mad JEWess :) NO more fun at incogs blog :( !

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"But my(our)concern is whether I'm logged into Gods final accounts Book ..."

Did want to stress that that is from the correct Christian perspective - God singular. He wont be sharing His kingdom or glory with any other. Leastways that's how my Bible reads.

Orion said...

Jeff, I have no doubt you have a place in the camp of the holy saints waiting for you, and I too fear not the tempest, for I know they can only kill us once and can never join us where we are going. Praise God!

Right now we can be a bit open about what to expect and discuss general things but when it's time to go underground we will have to practice strict, secure communications and learn how to shut our mouths and work on a "need to know" basis.

I've been doing a lot of study of insurgent movements and urban warfare and I'm putting together a few posts on my observations and thoughts.

I think it's time we all start having an above ground "study group" and share info about how these movements start, how they are organized, operate and how they are infiltrated and what they do to counter it.

That's the phase I believe we are in now.

It would be great if we could get some real Iraqi combat vets to share their experiences and what the ZOG is currently developing as doctrine. That's why I have those Military study centers in my insurgent links. You can sometimes pick some interesting stuff from them.

Know the enemy and never under estimate them as so many of our comrades do. It's a mistake.

Orion said...

Incogno did that, Madjewess?! I'll go over there and give them the what for! They can't ban the Madjewess thermonuclear bomber!!!


Orion, he has a TERRIBLE INSANE CRUSH on the MAD JEWess, who can blame him??
Most American Jews are WIMPS, and PATHETIC SWINES, and USE the Goy for their DIRTYWORK. And the Mad JEWess is a ball of FIRE. You know the Marxist Bolsheviks HATE me??

Well, they didnt like Jesus in Jerusalem because he was too Politically Incorrect. :) :)

Remember James and John?? The sons of THUNDER? OR Peter, who cut off the ear of the soldier that was taking Jesus away? Jesus disciples were WARRIORS, not WIMPS.

These TRAITORS to America are NOT of Abraham, they are of their father- the DEVIL.

American Jews give the FEW Warrior Jews a BAD name.

Tell him to take me OUT of Incog- Auchwitz before I BLOW A GASKET.

That blog is a BORE without some tough Jews giving the IncogSNOB some FUN.
:) :)

Orion said...

I's told them, thermojewess. Be cordial if you get back in. Debate, not berate. It's much mo funner!