Sunday, April 12, 2009

US Military Finally Useful for Something

An unnamed US official told the Associated Press news agency that Capt Phillips was freed in what appeared to be a swift firefight.

Reports say he jumped overboard for a second time, and the pirates were shot and killed before they could take action to get him back.

US forces apparently took advantage of the fact one of the pirates was negotiating on the USS Bainbridge when the incident happened.

That must have been the best high those snipers ever had. Shooting Africans on a boat! Please, release the video!

Now, up the Detroit River and do your stuff! Next stop, El Rio Grande!



Hussein is a KENYAN MUZZIE.

He was helping his BLOOD BROTHERS, because the SHIP was going to MOMBASA, KENYA, where the shithead EVIL bastard is from.


Orion said...

Wha, Madjewess? I was high-fiving the shots as much as you were! The point of the post was that the US Military was finally doing something IN OUR INTEREST, and not in the interest of jews. Shooting niggers is in the interest of everyone, wouldn't you agree?

Second, I don't think Hussein is a muslim. If he is, he's one of those collaborators since he has jews surrounding him and dictating his policy.


I dont disagree with shooting the Muzzie bastards. Thats what they were though, not just 'niggers' they are BARBARIAN MUSLIM BLACK BASTARDS, the same sonofabitches that Jefferson sent out Marines to SLAUGHTER at the shores of Tripoli in 1803.

But DONT tell me this rat bastard Obama is NOT a Muslim, b/c he IS.
Whether YOU believe the Birth Certificate issue or not, the fact remains that his family is from MOMBASA, Kenya, that is where the SHIP was going.

Hussein also is definitely NOT a tool for Jews- he HATES the Jews, he HATES the Christians, didnt you hear the bastards speech that we are NOT A Christian nation??

No, he does NOT have Jews dictating his policies. Are you kidding?? O M G. Please! Hussein sent 920.3 MILLION to HAMAS and PLO (our $$ goes there anyway) but it was sent TO them, not to Israel (which I am AGAINST 100% ANY of OUR $$ going to FORIEGN nations)

But he sent it to their ENEMY- The PLO. So, NO- he is NOT with the Jews, no DEAR- These BOLSHEVIKS are getting paid back, and they could care less, they are sending their BLOOD brothers in Israel to the slaughterhouse.

Your beef is with LEFTIST BOLSHEVIKS, not some Christians that are supporting Israel or some Jews that are Orthodox- they are NOT the enemy.

You guys are categorizing ALL people that only give Israel "MORALE" support in the SAME CATEGORY are the EVIL BOLSHEVIK RAT BASTARD SELL OUT GOVT. And that is NOT right.

Everything MUST have BALANCE. NOBODY that is an AMERICAN worries about "Israel first" It is IMPOSSIBLE to worry about a nation that is 6000 miles away.

I did my time in the Military- HERE IN THE USA, VOLUNTARILY- and I do NOT APPRECIATE being called a FUCKIN TRAITOR.
Just like not all blacks are rat bastards. Alan Keyes is a GREAT black man, and there are MANY good black people, Berg is a JEW lawyer that is SUING Obama, Taitz, ALSO from a JEW family.

And DONT tell me that HUSSEIN is not a Muzzie, he admitted it. A Christian or a JEW would NEVER 'slip up and say: "MY MUSLIM FAITH" *IMPOSSIBLE*

Anyway, at least your a little balanced, unlike the FAGGOT Incog.

LorMarie said...

Shooting niggers is in the interest of everyone, wouldn't you agree?--Orion

Ouch! That was so harsh, LOL. But then I remember, you are who you are, he he.

I'm going to have to agree somewhat with Mad Jewess. Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali's (A Somali woman), account opened my eyes to the fact that there is bad blood between Kenyans and Somalis. Somalis (sp) tend to look down on Kenyans for a number of reasons. Thus, I'm sure he had no problem offing the Somalis.

I disagree that Obama's a Muslim. If he's anything other than a nominal Christian, he's a closeted atheist. I feel this way based on statements he's made in the past that reeked of Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris. It should also be noted that BOTH his parents were strong atheists.


This is from a HARD CORE very educated white nationalist on my email thread:

The Muslim Obomo is going to be this generation's Stalin....Just like when the Bolshevik Jews put Stalin in power in Russia, he [Obomo] like Stalin will purge his administration of the Bolshevik Jews, or kill them,....Obomo needs them to help him solidify his position, but after is does, he will purge or even kill them and they will deserve their fate.... Muslims and American blacks despise Jews....the prevailing attitude among American blacks is that contrary to what Jews might have you believe, blacks believe [correctly] that Jews hate them. The synergism between blacks and America hating Jews grows out of the fact that they share in common a hate for the goyim...

As Kalid Muhammad said to Larry King, "Jews don't like blacks anymore than any other group, the black man has had enough of Jews using us for canon fodder to throw at the white man."

As I said, when and if Obomo consolidates his power, he will purge the Bolsheviks from his administration and power...they will be lucky if he doesn't kill them...

**HE IS RIGHT Orion**
You should join this email thread, 4 white nationalists on it- and I dont even know how the HELL I got on it, but its pretty interesting.
It even got me more balanced.
Cya Chap.
Here, have a present: "TO ARMS"

See, I LOVE OUR HISTORY silly boy. I stick up for the KKK all the time on Youtube- Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, and if blacks, illegals and all ofther rag tag bastards can have "FREE SPEECH"
Then so should SOUTHERNERS that have been here, some for over 300 years.
Confederate Flag, Dixie, etc is all part of our AMERICAN history.

Check this dudes YouTube page out, hes great:

Orion said...

We wouldn't shoot you, Lormarie. You're our Honorary Aryan! I think we shall make Madjewess our Honorary Aryan too!

I don't think you're a traitor, Madjewess. You just have another people's interest at heart. Not just you but plenty of non jewish whites do too. I just think it's detrimental to OUR people.

I have to agree with Lormarie, I don't think Obama is a muslim. He adheres more to the philosophy of Saul Alinsky and Jeremiah Wright than to Mohammad and Osama Bin Laden.

I have to go to work now but I'll be back later.


Obama may not BE A Muslim, but look who he is getting on his staff:

These are very serious times. BTW.. I dont think I am Aryan, I have dark hair green eyes- Portugee and Iroquois. So, I am more ethnic, but hey.. I have a FURIOUS temper.
Tonight, I had to do what Jesus did with the money changers at the conservative party meeting. They had a whiney litle jerk who didnt even know where he stood on faggot marriage, so I told him that he INTENTIONALLY went out and got a LOSER that will NEVER be able to stand up against the Bolshevik Bloomberg- I called the jerk-in-charge a LOSER too and stormed out slamming the door.

The next guy that got up was a nice-sweet Vet, and he called Obummer a communist rat bastard, and my friend told me that they were worried this poor man would have a heart attack.

BAD times, these vermin on society have royally screwed up a great place where Italians and Irish lived and built it- soon they will face the wrath of the children of the REAL NYers.

I was lifted with joy though- a young WONDERFUL American-Italian man, 25 yrs old has a POWERFUL blessing from God on him, and I wept, b/c I finally saw some "REAL HOPE"- he was ALL AMERICAN.

God it made my heart feel good.
Well, nightie night :)
God Bless!

Orion said...

"And when The Madjewess had made a scourge of small cords, she drove them all out of the conservative meeting, and poured out her wrath on to the sheeple, and overthrew the tables, and slammed all the doors."

You should be in charge of those meeting, Madjewess, and get those sheeple in line!

Orion said...

It's okay, Mad. Lormarie is a black gynocologist and she's an honorary Aryan, so if I include a jewess then I'll be the politically correct White Nationalist!