Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Africans Shooting Up Nightclubs, Africans Shout Rasis

The same tired old stuff.

You know, It's fascinating, in a morbid kind of way, watching a city slowly sink into the African jungle like Detroit or Washington, DC. A once White, bustling, dynamic city falls to the call of the blood.

We have to give the City of Saint Louis credit for trying. It's nominally held by a white power structure but not for long. I think they understand deep down that no matter what you try, genetics will always triumph over solutions. Always. Africans are not suited for Western concepts of law and behavior. It's just that cut and dried.


Downtown Nightclubs Fire Back At City
One Says Actions Against Clubs Is Racially Motivated
By Charles Jaco
9:00 PM CDT, July 20, 2010

One of the clubs is Lure, located at Washington and Tucker. They briefly posted banners today accusing the city of racism. One read, "Downtown Doesn't Like Black People." Lure says the city's charges against them are based n the fact that on Thursday nights the club plays hip-hop music and draws customers who are overwhelmingly African-American.

The club claims it's been warned by police and unnamed city officials to, "get rid of your Thursday nights."

"They asked us specifically to get rid of our Thursday," Lure general manager Robert Olsen said. "So, I mean, that right there is as racial as it gets. Because it's ninety-five percent African-Americans on Thursday nights. If you're asking to get rid of that, I'd says it's racist."

Nigga whining here

At least more Whites are waking up to the danger before us. We can thank Obama for that. He and Holden and the rest of the negro administration are the best thing to ever happen to our struggle. Since Obama's election the negros have shown their true colors.

White People however, are beginning to understand that no matter how much you appease, the African will keep pushing for more. And when that realization reaches critical mass, Then people like Jesse Jackson, who once said he felt a sigh of relief that it was White people behind him on a dimly lit street instead of Africans, will soon find out that is no longer true.

Storm, Break loose.


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I heard Incog has pardoned thermo and set her free from Spamblinka.