Tuesday, July 27, 2010

St. Louis Africans Go Jungle Wild Near The Zoo

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI-FOX2now.com) - Thieves smash car windows in Dogtown by night and Forest Park by day. They're the latest in what seems to be an ever-growing number of car break-ins all across the St. Louis area. If you've ever come out to find your car window broken, you know it's an aggravating way to start the day. While most of these latest break-ins happened in the dark, a few were done in the daylight at one of the busiest places in town. They came to visit the zoo and left having learned it's a jungle out there.


St. Louis is trying to draw people back to downtown. White People, that is. Gullible students and adult thumbsuckers who regularly give to "Save The Children" are trying to gentrify the negro areas of Forest Park and Dogtown, which before the great Civil Rights movment were nice, white areas. Remember when you could take your children out on a nice, safe outing to the ZOO and actually learn something? Unfornately, there are those that surround the Zoo who are more interested in what you have to steal and in fact should be caged in the Zoo instead of the animals there.

Some great comments though, things are starting to look up. These are the people we need to reach out to.  Feel free to add your own, it's unmoderated.

Welcome to the Jungle

Big Duke Six
Scott Air Force Base, IL

"They came to visit the zoo and left having learned it's a jungle out there."

More like STL is a cesspool full of vile, thieving, pavement apes.

The zoo ought to hire a sniper or two to cover the parking lots with bonuses paid for headshots.

THIS would be the only real deterrent to a race that only respects the use of force.
Dixie King
Saint Louis, MO
TNB as usual.

Let them eat cake
Saint Charles, MO
4 hrs ago This is why I don't go anywhere near St. Louis City.
Saint Louis, MO
3 hrs ago Judged:

I would like Fox Two to start reporting on what happens to the thugs after they are caught and arrested. We need a few examples of some of these characters getting the stiffest sentence. It looks like the cops don't have time to deal with these crimes because there are so many murders they have to deal with. This is giving St.Louis a bad name and reputation. I guess these punks don't understand if people start moving out and stop visiting St.Louis we will lose much tax revenue that goes to support their families on welfare.

Grand Rapids, MI
3 hrs ago Life is better for the occupants of the Zoo, than the patrons of the Zoo, who learn where the real jungle is...a sad state of affairs that cries for vigilante justice, but that would never fly legally.

If I could, I would "plant" a car with empty-box goodies sitting on the seats, and have them break the window, and find empty boxes...the same reaction when I was pick-pocketed in Chicago, but little did the picker know that the wallet contained nothing but a very obscene note on green paper...and by the time he realized it...I was long gone...and I have a collection of these wallets just in case.

Maryville, IL
2 hrs ago Has anyone noticed that these crimes have increased since odumbo was elected prez? The apes now think they can do whatever they want to do and its' OK because the black man is in the oval office. Little do they realize he won't be again! Deadly force, the only thing these punk thugs know about. Shoot to kill and ask questions later! If their brains were dynamite they would have blown themselves up by now! Duh!

Saint Louis, MO
2 hrs ago
stupid pavement apes. all they do is committ crime. they don't belong in this country. send them back to their beloved homeland!

YES! Very heartening to hear such sentiment. Storm, Break loose!!

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