Thursday, July 22, 2010

Incogman Dusting Himself Off, Getting Up for Another Round!

Static website Incogman has had for awhile apparently, but being updated for now until he gets his blog up. Thanks to the posters for alerting us to this.

Informative site for Whites only!


Orion said...

Incogman is busily rebuilding his church, It will be up in a matter of days. Hang in there. Fire and Brimstone is about to rain down on the intrawebz again!

Hey Anonymous kike, what was that you were sneering about again?

Anonymous said...

Heeeerrrres Joohhnny!!

Cannibal Rabbi.

Orion said...

hehe, looks like the incogman did his backups like a good intranetz person should do. I'm becoming encouraged!

MJ said...

I have a back up too.

Incog thinks I did this.
Sorry, I DIDNT.

He banned ME, and I am busy. How does everyone think that story on "Kill whitey and his babies" the Black Panthers came about? ME. MANY mainstream stories come from MY website. I am WAY too busy for the CREEP!

TOO BUSY to worry about what the damned IncogMOAN does.

I heard about it from an EMAIL that was ANONYMOUS.

Obviously this person google'd incogBUTTHEAD and saw one of my posts.

I DIDNT do it.
I believe in free speech.
IncogJERK threatened to kill someone, you CANNOT do that.
Not MY fault.
AND, the person was a Christian, btw.
Christian people dont like it when you talk about "ZION" it is SPIRITUAL.
Not everything is 'political' and I told incogMORON that, he just refuses to LISTEN.

kerdasi amaq said...

Incogman didn't threaten to kill anybody.

A post was made saying a named person should be killed. An address was posted as well+telephone number. It was up for approx ten minutes before it was deleted.

I just happened to see it.

Anonymous said...

Incogman's media production skills (I assume he does his own videos and graphics) are the best in the biz.

Orion said...

I like incogman's skills in that regard too. What really encourages is me that he got up so fast because people stood behind him.

To be fair to Mad Jewess, she sticks up for Whites on her blog. She actually names the jew too, only she calls them bolsheviks. this is the same thing Savage and Levin do.

We both have plenty of traitors to deal with among our own, that's for sure.