Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Incogman Down, But Not Out

Looks like Incogman's blog has been removed, but stay tuned, He'll be back!


Sen10L said...

Yeah, I hope you are right.

Orion said...

Incogman is too tenacious to let someone silence him. He'll be back, no doubt.

In the meantime, feel free to puruse our diverse collection of blogs, forums, Media and websites.

Also, for the insurgent minded WN, we have the entire Poor Man's James Bond (PMJB) available for download, as well as the recently added Counterinsurgency primer. A good foundation for those planning to take the resistance to a whole new level. And more is coming!

madj said...

Wasn't me. I dont like the incogman, but I DID like to fight him, he banned me months ago, and left me :(
I had nobody to fight.

Anonymous said...

Thats whats left from your Faggot Hero when you google the Faggot Name.
"“the Incog Man” a Faggot and a PSYOP Agent"
"Incogman: Wordpress' ZioNazi HasbaRat-nest"

Sure he'll be back as thats the only thing that keeps the faggot alive.

You are all useless psycho's

Orion said...

Hey! You'd better watch out or we'll get Thermo to track you down and Thermoize you!

Orion said...

Actually, Incog had released Thermo from Spamblinka. Now she won't be able to detonate over there aaaanymore.

MAD said...

Hey Anonymous, why didnt you just fight the incogman back?

If someone is gone, all together, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY ARE?

I wanted the incog stuck in W.Press land.

I fought him every chance I could, b/c he always said ZION BLA BLA BLA.
They are left wing LUNATIC Bolsheviks that he hates. If he got that right, I couldnt give a rats turd what he said, I cannot stand 'gays' as well, Or this hollywood massacre on Americans.

The only gays I get along with are conservative gays that live QUIET lives and dont interfere in the holiness of Marriage.

I fought hard!
Thats what I did, it was FUN!

Maybe we should do what the insane left wing Moslems do;

Free Free palestine, only say Free Free INCOG..
What say you Anonyomous?

MAD said...

anonymous, you dont want to be ranked in as "ALL JEWS ARE THE SAME"

So, WHY do you come here and rant on Orion?
He is a good man. He hates the Israeli government, SO? How could ANYONE like ANY government in power now? Since you are Jewish, obviously, you CANT really like what happened in the Gush Katif to Jewish Israelis that were there for hundreds of years?? I love the Israeli PEOPLE, but come on man, the Israeli govt SUCKS!

Orion does not hate "ALL" Jews.

You should not call ALL people here- psychos.

Anonymous said...

Asshole, looks like your Faggot Hero Incogmen opened up a Faggot Nazi asslickers line in Stormfront.

Anonymous said...

He stated over at stormfront hes coming back as soon as he gets things back in order.

American born

Orion said...

Hey American Born, that's good. People like Incog can't be shut up. They have too much fight in them, just like Thermo. Some people you just can't shut up! :)

Poor Anonymous jew. He/she sure has a lot of hate in it's heart. Did you know your face will freeze with that look? It's true.

Orion said...

That's right, Thermo! We want more Emil Maurices! Hail the Victory!

Anonymous said...

AccessSTLou, nice blog and hilarious view of the Arch.
I am hoping Incog man goes to his own website, which it appears he's had for awhile now. I could be wrong on that. Put a payPal donate button and go from there. I know we would donate.You can find the Incog site from here:


Anonymous said...

Posted Comment by Incog in the beginning:

Well, I've got my Web Blog up and running
Posted 11-08-2007 at 09:06 PM by INCOG MAN (I've had enough of the BS anymore...)

It's been a lot of work getting some good material there for the public to see.

My main wish is to reach out and get some of the lemmings to take a moment and read somethings. I tried to inject some interesting material to get their attention and hold it for a minute. My hit numbers are doing OK, I guess as far as I know, for 1 week in business. It's going up and I hope that it keeps going.

I don't really know much about search engine tweaking or anything that may drive more traffic to me. Any help would be welcome. I'm always ready for criticism or any suggestions so please feel free.

--Your partner in the de-brainwashing business, INCOG MAN.

Orion said...

Got it, guys. I'll have to put it on my static Website section but as soon as the blog is back up we'll get that linked too.

Hail Victory!

Cleveland here said...

Great job of finding his new site Orion,,

Orion said...

Teamwork, my brother. Couldn't have found it without the incog crowd. Keep an eye out for incogman's new blog and give me a holler when it's up and we'll tack it back up.

When we work together, all things are possible!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really surprised? The jew has never been able to refute the truth and so, like the low-life sub-humans that they are, they try to silence truth-tellers instead. The jew will not be able to silence us. There are too many awakened White now. The arrogant jew has only placed one more nail in their coffin.