Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Additions To Insurgent Studies

More reading material for the thoughtful, dedicated revolutionary. My military take on insurgent studies is this:


THDO.  Easy to remember.

Our first book we posted and linked in our survival and insurgency studies, Counterinsurgency - Theory and Practice, is a primer on what current Military doctrine is concerning rebellions, insurgency and how to defeat them. It's mostly theory with examples of the theory in practice.

This second one is an overview of resistance movements, their organization, setup, tactics and most importantly, their mistakes. It covers everything from Cuba to Germany and even mentions the Order.
Note: This is a training document of the United States Government, the largest and most prolific terror organization in the world today, apart from the Israeli Government.  Notably, the jew's use of terror is not mentioned, which should tell you something about the nature of our enemy.  So, substitute the word "Terror" and "Terrorist" with the term "Resistance" and "Resistance fighter" in order to make the document more accurate.
School of the Americas Urban Guerrilla Manual

This one is another history mixed with theory and tactics.
Fighting Columns in small wars

First released in 1956, this was standard doctrine for the IRA. Although outdated, it still holds great insight into the thought processes and tactics that were used for another 15 years after.
IRA Volunteers Handbook

This is an another excellent book with great info on resisting interrogation, how to carry yourself in a war environment and more.
IRA Green Book

A lot of sites that want to train insurgents read the enemies manuals, use their tactics and prepare to take on the full military firepower of the Great Satan. That's a sure path to defeat, in my opinion.

While we will be posting Military Manuals and Doctrinal Papers in the future, it's mostly for getting a good grip on what the enemy is thinking, what they are studying and by this, what their tactics will be and what we should expect. If we have that information, countering them with our own tactics will be much more successful.

That is not to say that when the insurgency begins, we won't derive great benefit from manuals like this:
Ambush and Counter-Ambush
Oh yes, there are some manuals that will be very valuable in the coming struggle.

But again, these tactics are well known and the mark of a good insurgent is to BUILD on what he knows, not just copy. That's for the non-whites. We are Aryans.

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