Saturday, July 17, 2010

Call Of The Blood - Negro Poetry

Time to relax and have a laugh. Tonight we feature Negro culture at it's finest. First up, A free style rap contest. Here is the untranslated version. Not sure why the first rapper was edited out.

Rap Battle Gone Bad - Watch more Funny Videos

Now for the translated version.

Rap Battle Gone Bad Translated - Watch more Funny Videos

Up next, armed negros with lots of bling bling. Honestly, does this look any different from the scenes in modern Africa today?

No, it doesn't, because you can't get away from the call of the blood.

Let me try my own freestyle here:

Can't get away
From that DNA
Motha Africa be calling
civilizations be falling
Be your future pos-ter-ra-tay

Werd, nigga.


lormarie said...

That's your voice in the second video?

Orion said...

Ha, I wish. The guy did a good job.

Where you been, Loramae? Your blog ain't been updated for like forever! Did you visit...Alaska? Hummm?

lormarie said...

Between the baby taking up 90% of my time and connecting with old friends on Facebook, it difficult to blog like I used to. I'd better do something since I'm starting to get a lot of hits.

Orion said...

Well Lormae, why don't you and DEMCAD share a blog together? Then you'd have time to blog and take care of yo lil chilrens.