Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prediction On Arizona Law SB 1070

We don't need to devine chicken innards or read tarrot cards to predict the outcome of the lawsuit the illegitimate Government filed against the people of Arizona on behalf of mestizo invaders and their employers. We all know what the outcome will be, but I'll make a prediction anyway:

The Law will not go into effect come July 29th. It will suffer the same fate as Prop 187 in California, that state's last stand against the flood of Mexicans before a federal judge, of the same tribe as Holden, shot it down. Remember that? Dan Lungren, then AG of CA, made the same claims about it not conflicting with Federal Law as Arizona does now. It didn't matter. Now California is gone forever. The Greatest of all Satans will do what it wants when it wants - that is, as long as we allow it. This means you're next.

But not to worry! Arizona has a great advocate in Washington! His name? John McCain. He is absolutely, positively, a heels dug in the dirt proponent of border control and...get this...deportation! Yes, that's right! Principled Senator John McCain (son of cain, interesting, isn't it?) is with the people of Arizona all the way!

Arizona Sen. John McCain has a message for illegal residents of his state: Go back where you came from.

McCain, who has been veering right to try and win his Republican Senate primary against conservative former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, said on Tuesday that he supports immigration reform that would deport those living in the country illegally.

"No amnesty. Many of them need to be sent back," McCain said during an interview on KQTH-FM in Tucson, Ariz. when describing how he would deal with illegal U.S. residents.

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Seriously, McCain is a poster boy of what the ruling elite think of fly-over America.

Anyone that believes anything that comes out of this liar's mouth is a fool. I hope the voters of Arizona aren't fools.


IgorMarxo said...

I Igor family first victims Arizona law see at


Should Obama be afraid to be stopped?

Only papers they have were copies of Obama birth certificate. Police officer say this not good enough to even get his son on little league team much less get adult across border(much less be president of United States). See Birth Certificate

Orion said...

Hehe, good one :)

Reichsmarshal said...

I remember in 2006 when this pile of oozing shit told a crowd of predominantly White blue collar workers that "no one in this room can pick lettuce. Not for 50 dollars an hour. No, my friends, you couldn't. No American can or will..." to a chorus of boos.

I would love to put my fist through the skull of this wheezing, doddering, weak, old, treasonous fool. More fitting though that this cancer bag be hung from a public square to be used as a pinata by his beloved mestizo scum.

Orion said...

Used as a pinata, Haha!

I can't believe that the people of Arizona would send a bought and paid for traitor like McCain back to DC. Of course, we're talking about a state that elected Janet Napolitano as governor.

kerdasi amaq said...

If SB 1070 goes down , I feel it's the end of the united States as a coherent nation.

All that's left is to salvage what you can from the wreckage, and build a raft to leave the sinking ship.