Monday, July 6, 2009

New links, Blogs and Forums Added

Added some new links to our every growing roll call. I certainly hope the reader will take the time to peruse them, they have been picked for interest and diversity.

First up is Martin lindstedt, a patriot that might seem a bit on the crazy side but still full of Christian Racial radicalism.

Second we've added Pastor Wickstrom's blog. Another firebreather that takes no prisoners.

Third we've added Occidental Dissent, a rather highbrow blog to compete with Majority Rights and others of their ilk.

Forth, we've added material from way back to 1994-2005 with such giants as Jim Floyd (anyone know what happened to him?) Willie Martin, the Special Forces Resister and Tom Chittum. Take a walk through the past on the issues of the day!

Fifth, we've added Stumble Inn to our Forums section.

We hope you enjoy it. Here at ASTL, we try to have something for everyone!

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