Monday, July 6, 2009

Support and Encouragement

I'm sure you've probably seen the "Farce of July" story on sites like Kentuckyanna True News and Western Voices, and I won't duplicate it here. I notice when I talk with people about our Mestizo problem, I hear a lot of comments like "they should speak English" or "they should assimilate". That is not the revolutionary attitude to take.

Posters like this:

And This:

Should be spread far and wide in the enemy neighborhoods, with patriotic callings to all Mestizos to rise up now and drive out the white devils!

While posters like this

And this

Should be spread in our White communities with the appropriate propaganda.

The key is separation. We must have it. We will have it.



Reichsmarshal said...

That Aztlan graphic never ceases to make me chuckle: "this land is ARE land."

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Yeah, guess you hear the same ol shit also - well, they're hard workers or their price is better.

Aint the bottom line all alot of our people care about anyhow ?

Not worrying about putting their own out of work, or enabling the heathen to stay. They in effect finance their depravities upon the land.

Let 'em go fix their own damn country - this is white mans land !

Joy said...

Hey what do you expect, afterall they are mongrels. It is time for OUR People to whip their ass again.

Orion said...

O, she'll have the Joy Joy Joy Joy charging her AR! Aiming her AR! Shooting her AR! She'll have the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in her heart Down in her heart as she slays!:)

RM, we need to put up some posters like that with broken engrish to make it authentic. let's get this fight going!!

Joy said...

I like your idea Orion, I like it alot! I'll have to sharpen up my "broken engrish". hahahaha