Monday, July 13, 2009

Draft? Who Needs a Draft?

Just tank the economy and they will come!

Marine Corps could have too many Marines
Posted July 10th, 2009 by Jeff Schogol in Stripes Central

The Marine Corps could be a victim of its own success in recruiting and retaining Marines.

The Corps has exceeded its monthly recruiting goal every month this fiscal year, making 114 percent of its June quota with 4,155 new recruits.

The problem is, the Corps is currently above its authorized active-duty end strength of 202,000.

“As of today, 10 July, the Marine Corps' active duty strength is 203,768,” Corps spokeswoman Maj. Shawn Haney said in an e-mail. “Keep in mind that it is the summer season which will mean a lot of flux between now and the end of the FY.”

Last month Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway said recruiters have had to curtail their efforts in part due to its success retaining Marines.

“We can – without any additional authority – go up to about 204,000; I have told our people, don’t do that, okay; let’s show some management skill here, regulate this thing,” he said. “A little past 202 [thousand] is okay, but not much because we don’t have the money really to go beyond 202,000.”

The Corps has also slashed the number of Military Occupational Specialties that rate a re-enlistment bonus in fiscal 2010.

Meanwhile, the Navy and Air Force both met their monthly recruiting goals for June, and the Army made 103 percent of its goal with 6,207 new recruits.

As of the end of May, the Army was about 1,000 above its authorized end strength with 547,981 active-duty soldiers, said Army spokeswoman Toni DeLancey.

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