Friday, July 17, 2009

I Love Missoura!

Ya'll come. There's plenty more room for White Folks that think like this. Bring yo guns 'cause we's gonna have us a revolution!

It's shaping up now that Chicago will be be the center of ZOG power and the place of Synagogues to persecute Dissents while Missouri will be the center of the Insurgency. At least, I hope so!


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Ha ! Excellent vid ...
this fella was no easy pushover, as the interviewer seemed to at first think ! There be some good folk in ol' Missura !
Did yall proud.

This fella needs some literature (if he hasn't already been swamped). You got an address you can send me brother ? I'm serious.

(or perhaps ol' Bill needs to upgrade to a Chevy !)

Orion said...

I don't have an addy, Jeff, but here is the dealership's website.

I love it here! I meet people like this guy all the time. It's a different world than California. Kinda like living in another time, when America was White, Free and Christian.

Joy said...

I love it!
"Would Jesus carry a gun?"

"They didn't have guns then, they carried a sword".

Always portraying our King as a pacifist wimp.

Ferrar Fenton
Exodus 15:3

The Lord is a warrior;
His name is The Life,

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I heard anyone approach this man's level of common sense on a public forum. I'd buy a car from him......or vote for him for Congress!

Reichsmarshal said...

I concur with everyone else: great video! I think "I love Missoura" too!

It becomes apparent that these Zio-disinformationists live in an echo chamber/bubble of libtard bullshit, as they become dumbfounded when confronted with a White American man who has not and will not become one of the emasculated eunuchs such as this cum dumpster talking head is used to dealing with in New York and L.A..

Did anyone else pick up on the ZOG conditioning not so subtly being implemented here? It's "irresponsible" to have a weapon more powerful than a bic lighter or a butter knife. And "well, cops get killed all the time, so resistance to the subhuman hordes if futile, White man!"

I'm surprised they didn't pull the feed on this interview and abruptly go to commercial. Can't have the sheeple exposed to dangerous ideas like not submitting to their own destruction and going off the reservation like this guy.

I want to grab these liberal douche bag dipshits and slap the jew out of 'em every time they make the erroneous interpretation that the 2nd Amendment is about hunting quail and trap shooting. The Founders intent was the ability of the people(the militia) to match the standing army in order to defend against tyranny.

The grip of that tyranny is tightening every day. It is no coincidence that all of this anti-gun clap trap is front and center in the media. ZOG is making it's big play, with mulatto niggers like obongo and A.G. Holder as the front men.

Keep your powder dry, boys and girls.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Yep, she seems to imply that to use what isn't PC (such as an evil AK) is beyond the realm of "civilized" resistance. Did she really listen to what he had to say or not
(easy answer).

So I guess a .22 single shot (against 7 armed intruders) would be a sweeter approach. Is even this weapon still
"lawful" today - I haven't checked (they'll get around to it). We know they want them all.

I sent the guy a short email. Too detailed and involved and he (they) would discount outright. I'm surprised too the interview was even allowed. I think she was somewhat taken aback by his defiance !

Support your awakening white folk !

Orion said...

No problem, Jeff. Play with it awhile, you can pull up some interesting reports. Let me know how it goes.