Monday, July 27, 2009

A Happy Story For A Change

This is from a couple of years ago, but it's still heartwarming to view. In Springfield, Missouri, A little white girl gets ahead of her mom and skips off the bus but then turns around and starts to walk out in traffic. A white bus driver (see them nowadays?) reacts swiftly and...well, check it out.

Don't you feel good inside? I love happy endings like this.

Here's the story from a news source

By KYTV/NBC News Channel

SPRINGFIELD, MO -- A Springfield, Missouri bus driver is hailed a hero for running into a busy street after a 3-year-old girl.

Security cameras on the city bus captured the moment last Tuesday when the toddler got off and started walking straight into moving traffic.

Driver Chris Leslie dashed out the bus door and grabbed the girl just as a truck screeched to a stop in front of them.

"I saw she was going to go. I have a girl that age and I know what they can do. I hit the horn and saw she wasn't going to stop, so I undid my seat belt and got out as fast as I could. Luckily I grabbed her in time," said Leslie.

The girl's mother was pushing another child in a stroller and had warned the child to wait for her. Leslie says he's just glad he was at the right place at the right time.

When he got home from work that day, he says the first thing he did was hug his 2-year-old daughter.


Joy said...

That is great!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Love them happy ending stories for the younguns.

Orion said...

It was! You don't see bus drivers like that very often. Or busses like that. I was going to post another vid of that blind lady being punched by that negro for contrast, but I decided not too.

Boy I tell ya, I would have tanned that little girls hide if I were her father, than hugged her to death while crying.

Orion said...

Those little monkeys can get away from ya fast, that's for sure.

Did you see how nice and clean that bus was? How professional the driver was? How white it was? That's the key :)


Finally a good story.

Did you see my white-mans "I have a dream speech?"

Tell ya what. I have these leftist moonbat fraud JINOs from Harvard, Yale and Columbia that come to my blog of 'hate' - they are starting to do polls; one of the polls was on overweight people, directly AFTER I wrote about how 'it is polular to be fat?' Also I wrote on the feminist bitches, and last week I fought some MEAN nasty jerky witch feminists and they told me that they were 'smarter than men'....Well, they conducted a SECOND poll (fat, and feminists) and I WAS RIGHT and the HAGS were WRONG!!! LOL I got emails APOLOGIZING to me.

So, the next post I write will be about how Mexicans, Japanese, Asians, blacks- etc DO NOT have to hire whites, but were are FORCED into that E.O.E. crap.. I may just be the next biggest activist for the REAL racism that is 100% AGAINST white (men) in particular- so, you all better be saying prayers for me, hopefully we can get some of the right-wing Jewish money working for AMERICA for a Change we can 'belive in'


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I remember when my boy was a lil rascal, playing out in the yard barefoot. But turn yer back and he was burning up the turf heading in the opposite direction !

Orion said...

Hail Thermo! Hail Victory! Half-White power!

Thermo, I heard in such a way as to believe that you were threatening to shut incog down? that's not very nice, Thermo. It's unamerican! Now, be nice over there or you won't be getting any weapons or target lists from me!

Orion said...

Haha, weren't we all like that, Jeff? I never wore shoes and could climb the highest trees. I was a little white monkey, swinging from tree to tree, until I feel and broke my wrist. That ended those days!

lormarie said...

Glad somebody had a happy ending. We all too often hear about tragic endings.

Orion said...

Me too, Lormarie. Children are innocent and it's always a tragedy to see them harmed. I can't stand it. I know everyone here can't stand it. For me, it doesn't matter what race they are, they are still innocent children.