Monday, July 13, 2009

God Angry - Does Not Want Jews in His Space

Remember what happened the last time a jew was sent into space? God Smite it down, over Palestine! Texas, that is. Now, another jew is about to move into God's Dominion. If I were a crewmember on that shuttle, I'd be calling in sick!

Mark Polansky, the Korean Jew:

Here we see Mark with the pilot, anyone care to take a guess on what he is? Beats me. Ain't white though.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA faced the prospect of more stormy weather Monday as it tried for the fifth time to launch shuttle Endeavour to the international space station.

Thunderstorms prevented Endeavour and seven astronauts from blasting off Sunday evening. Forecasters said there was a 60 percent chance the weather would force yet another delay Monday evening for the space station construction mission.

"It's just not our day for the weather," launch manager Mike Moses said following the latest postponement

"We'll be ready," commander Mark Polansky said.


Whoa, hell! A jew in charge of the launch! I wouldn't be spectating around there, either. If you do, bring your fireproof umbrella, you're gonna need it.

Ye have been warned!

Behold! The Anger of a rightous God!

Remember what Jesus said to the scribes and pharisees so many years ago:

"I am from above, Ye are from below." John 8:23 KJV

Jesus didn't say it but implied that you all need to stay here (below). Don't be coming up here cause the devil is confined to the earth!

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lormarie said...

If it's taken 5 tries for the mission, they should cancel.

I've seen that "black preacher" on youtube many times before. He's got to be high while filming.

Anonymous said...

I believe there was a jew on the first shuttle disaster that blew up 1986 on the way into space. I'll try to verify.


Anonymous said...

Ok the first jew that was to go into space was Judith Resnik. God slapped it down before space was polluted with the endless kvetching and complaining.


Orion said...

I dunno, Lormarie. Seems to me he's a bit mental. He's definitely from the streets and you can tell he's been institutionalised.

Orion said...

"God slapped it down before space was polluted with the endless kvetching and complaining."

Haha, true be told! :)

Joy said...

Just where is the jew wanted?
I'd venture to say about six feet under.

Orion said...

Hey, did you see the liftoff, where the debris hit the shuttle, just like with Challenger? Looks like God ain't taking No for an answer!

Shalmaneser said...

The pilot looks like a Semite or mestizo grungebag.