Wednesday, July 29, 2009

St. Louis Police Kept Busy

Still handing out traffic tickets to white drivers, however.

By Melina Ann Collison

St. Louis –The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was kept very busy last night with three different shootings. During these three acts of violent crime 4 individuals were injured.


Meanwhile, no description of the guy who is posing as a gas worker and robbing elderly white people:

By Melina Ann Collison

St. Louis –The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is reporting that a man has been dressing up as a Laclede Gas utility worker to steal from them.

The unidentified man has targeted 5 people so far. He poses as a Laclede Gas employee, gains entry into an elderly person’s residence, and then steals or orders them to give him money.


Interesting tidbit: Did you know that Laclede Gas was the first Utility to be listed on the Dow Industrials? Yep, sure was.


lormarie said...

There are some evil people in the world. Why anyone would feel sorry for criminals is beyond me.

Orion said...

Same here, Lormarie. You got the law on your heart. I knew you were a good person!


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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Uh ... Missura, this is Virginny ... do you copy, over (swalk)

Missura ... transmit yer sitrep soonest .. over 'n out (swalk)


Orion...silly silly.
I never EVER did ANYTHING to shut down the POOR incog, I just told them I WILL pay $1,000- if they can PROVE that I tried to shut them down.
I never did it, EVER. EVER EVER!

NiggerHeadSmasher said...

Looks like total niggerfuxation you're dealing with orion14. Let's get busy and clean this place up:

"The area in North St. Louis County (prior to the incident I am about to share), was a great place to live, work and raise a family. That was before North STL County was turned into a nigger infested jungle. It all started with an area known as Castle Point."


"Blonde headed she-nig whacked out on crack mows down chillins at de bus stop – YO!
This happened in Alton, IL. I remember Alton, IL., years ago it was a nice, easy going scenic river town that bordered the Mighty Mississippi River.
Another thing I remember, they didn’t have any niggers. Well brother, they’ve got them now."

Orion said...

Hey look! All my rowdy friends have come over tonight! Weeha!

I'm doing okay Brother Jeff, just been kicking back and posting on some forums lately. I'll get back to this blog soon. Hopefully, now that my buddy NiggerHeadSmasher is here, things might change a little. We'll see! Keep up the great work. have you listened to pastor dan on Sojorner's site? Check him out, he's good!

Thermo, for shame, for shame. I read that post where you guys were plotting to do incog in.
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See ye to it!

@ETA Good to see you back, Brother! I will contact you soon and run some ideas past you and see what you think.

I hear you about North Saint Louis and Alton, it's just a freaking shame. But it's good to see you are posting again!

14 words to you all! Hail Victory!

P.S. ETA, we have a guest black girl here, she's a veteran of the Apollonian wars and she did a good job with that chump. I have designated her our honorary aryan. her name is lormarie so don't be mean to her, hear?

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