Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dying For Empire

Is it Patriotic? Is dying in some far off country for monied and alien interests really defending your people? Or is being opposed to the corrupt Empire the patriotic thing to do?

Come, let us reason together.

The founding fathers and the common man who took up arms against the British were British subjects, taxpaying citizens of the British empire. They were called terrorists, unpatriotic traitors and anything else the British government could throw at them. Many were imprisoned, some where executed. Others lost all they had in order to separate from what they saw as a corrupt, evil government. Two thirds of their fellow colonists however, wanted to remain "subjects", bleating in unison "O why can't we all just get along? Why must we have such disruption in our lives? All we want to do is consume and obey in safety and security". The corrupt British government considered these people, who went on to become Canadians, "Patriotic".

Even then, the British government could care less about White people if it interfered with the profits of the wealthy interests that controlled it.

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

The British allied itself with racial aliens against it's own people, and hindered the White colonists from expanding further west. The British government you see today, importing thousands of racial aliens into Britain daily, is the evolutionary result of the government our ancestors fought against.

If we were to draw of a list of grievances against the ruling Regime in Washington today, what would they be? What are the indictments today?

1. It (the government) has deliberately allowed the invasion of over 100 million racial and cultural aliens into our land where they have been waging a race war against our people and imprisoning anyone that has dared to fight back or object to the destruction of our Nation and gene pool.

2. It has set loose at gunpoint the African, coercing with massive firepower the integration of our schools and neighborhoods with the result being ruined lives, cities, towns.

3. It has at laid on oppressive taxes and allowed monied interests to steal and rob us with impunity.

4. It has allowed a alien minority to seize control of the government, which has used it for the exclusive use of an alien power in the Middle East.

5. It has created a mercenary Army, both government and civilian, to wage unjust and illegal wars around the world. It has murdered our racial stock in two fracticidal wars.

We could go on and on, couldn't we? The sad fact of the matter is, before 1965 we had a nation in the real sense of the word, although even at that time it was in an advanced state of decay. The question one must ask themselves, do we have one now? Or do we live in a multicultural, multiracial political entity held together by oppressive laws and firepower?

America as it was originally proposed no longer exists, and the great experiment known as the United States is over. The only thing that matters now is survival of our people, the people of European descent, not waving a flag or the pledge of allegiance.

Governments are temporal. Races can be, too. The difference is, you can always create a new government but once the race is gone, it's forever. Never to return. This is what we must prevent at any cost.



You know this is going to get bloody..

BTW..I agree..Marshall is also:
Randall, Marshall, and mister e

The guy has about 10 different personalities.

Orion said...

That, or he's on something. Either way, it's irritating in the extreme. Break out your 30.06, Thermo!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Is it not as Pastor Pete says brother - we are indeed under a very strong spell.

How else to explain the brain dead mindset of the populace ... what more proof do they need ?! Exactly the points you tick off.
What is so hard to comprehend ?

"Well, we're still more free than other countries."

What a whiny, defeatist attitude,
'eh ? They have no comprehension
of real freedom. Bunch of drones content with their servile lot in life.

Orion said...

I'm reminded of a speech Dr. Pierce made in '98. It went something like this:

"a poor man is unfree only if the government prevents him by law from bettering his condition. To us a man can be poor and hungry and still be free. To the liberals a poor man lacks freedom even if he is poor solely because of his own laziness or stupidity. What counts to the liberals is that he is poor, regardless of the reason, and therefore cannot have everything he wants. So the liberals campaign to free him from his wants, not to free him from laws which prevent him from taking care of his own wants. The liberals in their campaign for "freedom from want" very often seek solutions in the form of more laws: laws which take away our freedom in order to satisfy the wants of those who have an entirely different concept of freedom."

That guy had some great insight. I really do miss him.

You know, I had more freedom back when I was poor than I do today.