Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Insurgent Radio With Tom Metzger

This blog is proud to present an Insurgent Radio Broadcast from WAR every Wednesday. Today's broadcast, available exclusively to subscribers of Tom's Radio Club, is part one of a two part broadcast that Tom did with an MSM radio host about 10 years ago. Tom pulls no punches as he gives an excellent overview of the issues that face our race today, as well as an overview of his years in the struggle. Don't miss how the system refused to seat Tom when he won the Democratic primary in California and who was behind it!

Part Two of this interview is available 24/7 on Tom's site by going to and clicking on the Radio Club link in the side panel. From there you just enter your username and password and all the current month's shows are available for download. No waiting for the Archives! Oh, you'll have to be a subscriber to the show, so what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and get the latest news and views that the Revolutionary can use!

Part one of a two part interview with Tom Metzger here
Broadcast Date: 08/04/2008

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Orion said...

In case I wasn't clear in the post, this broadcast is a current show usually available only to subscribers until it goes out on the archives a month later.