Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Russia Moves to Arrest Jewish Government of Georgia, World Jewry Screams Foul

Go Russia! Russian Forces are headed toward Tbilis to eject the Israeli controlled government of Georgia. ZOG governments around the world are wailing and gnashing their teeth in anger as their puppet falls.

ZOG agent David Miliband, a Zionist Jew in charge of Great Britain's Foreign Ministry, says he's shocked SHOCKED! that the Russians would actually fight against the interests of the Jew World Order.

Meanwhile, Jew Bernard Kouchner, FrenchZOG Foreign Minister (Center, seen here with a very worried puppet ZOG tool Mikheil Saakashvili)

says EU troops should be on the ground to replace Russian Peacekeepers. "The idea of having monitors -- what you call peacekeeping troops, I wouldn't call them like that -- but European controllers, monitors, facilitators, yes, yes and yes. That is how Europe should be on the ground" he said, as he accompanied the French President in Georgia, Hungarian Jew Nicolas Sarkozy(seen here displaying the poor shabba goy about to be hung by the Russians)

There will be no ZOG EU troops in Georgia, of course. The Russians appear to be ready to put in their own puppet, which would be preferable to anything the Jews want. The new puppet might even have Georgian national interests at heart! We shall see.

Now, Russia needs to block any attempt by the rats to escape the ship, and then maybe we'll see a rare display of real justice. Stay tuned!


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hey man ... been too busy to make the rounds as usual , hope all's well .

See I have alot of good reading to catch up on . You seem to have the behind the scene coverage of the jewish influence that I haven't seen elsewhere yet concerning this recent occurence .

Take care and keep 'er loaded . Things are gonna really start rocking before long !

Keep up the good work - evil hates the exposure of light !

Orion said...

Hey Jeff, good to hear from you again. Be sure to check out Bill White, the sharp dressed Nazi man, at He's a lot better color commentator than I be!