Thursday, August 28, 2008

White America by Earnest Sevier Cox

Tom Metzger mentioned this book on a recent show and highly recommends it as part of a well rounded racial education. What is happening to us with the culmination of a Mulatto President is exactly what happened to Egypt, and offers us a glimpse into our racial future if this is allowed to continue.
Thanks to Church of the true Israel for posting this on the net.

An Excerpt:

Dropping now to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty, we find that a mulatto has inherited the throne of the Pharaohs. From the First to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty there intervene twenty-eight centuries. From the Eighteenth to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty there is a period of six centuries. During this period Egyptian initiative and ingenuity slowly declined. When the mulatto was received as king, religion hand fallen from an ethical test for the life hereafter to a cult of animal worship. The early Pharaohs built the pyramids and temples which stand today. The later Pharaohs built not; instead, they cut out the names of the early kings and inserted their names upon some of the greatest architectural achievements of the world. Art, science, and literature were dead.

White America, the book

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