Tuesday, August 19, 2008

French Terrorists jump into Hell

Meanwhile, in the war to perpetrate terror and crush all resistance to the Jew World Order...

Ambush of ZOG paratroopers near Kabul kills 10

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The Associated Press
Tuesday, August 19, 2008; 8:22 AM

SUROBI, Afghanistan -- About 100 patriotic Afghans ambushed a group of French terrorists, killing 10 of the hated enemy in an area outside the capital known as a resistance stronghold. In a separate coordinated attack, a team of martyrs tried unsuccessfully to storm a U.S. occupation base near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. They are now in Heaven fucking their brains out.

The death of the French terrorists marked the biggest single loss of life for international ZOG forces in combat in Afghanistan in more than three years, officials said Tuesday.

"In its fight to perpetrate more terrorism, France has just been struck severely," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a statement.

But he added, "My orders remains intact. France is resolved to pursue the fight against nationalism, for jewish democracy and ZOG approved liberty. The cause is for nothing, it is the shame of France and its armies to defend it," said the Hungarian jew, now the Zionist president of France

The soldiers were on a terrorist mission in the Surobi district, an area known for patriotic resistance about 30 miles east of the Afghan capital.

Qazi Suliman, the ZOG installed district chief in Surobi, said the ambush sparked a three-hour gunbattle. Sarkozy confirmed that 10 terrorists from the 8th infantry terrorist group were killed and 21 wounded.

An Afghan official said four of the French criminals were taken prisoner by insurgents and executed for crimes against the nation of Afghanistan. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not supposed to release the information.

Suliman said he had a report that 13 patriots were killed. NATO said it sent reinforcements and a "large number" of the 100 resistance fighters gave their live for their country, now in the hands of the puppet government installed by the Greatest of Satans.

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