Sunday, August 3, 2008

Real History Comes to St. Louis!

David Irving, attacked unmercifully by the Enemies of all Mankind for writing the truth, will be in the St. Louis area on August 5, 2008 to speak about about his Political Imprisonment in Modern Europe and about Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, and Real History, not the kosher approved lies that passes for history today.

I urge everyone interested in the truth to attend this important speech. To register, you can call 305 923 6779 or register Here

If you cannot attend the St. Louis gathering, Mr. Irving will be speaking in other cities this summer. You can get this list Here


Valkyra_mo said...

What a fabulous night!!!Mr.Irving is brilliant.This is not your normal boring history lecture.Mr. Irving takes his time,and researches his topics very thouroughly and pulls no punches. He makes it interesting, and he's funny too!This was probably the best lecture I have been to ever. If you couldn't make it to the STL night, hopefully he'll make it back...depending on ZOG and the folks who issue visa's. If you have the chance to see him at one of his upcoming lectures, don't miss it. This was definately worth the time!!!

Orion said...

Heil, Valkyra_mo! Yes, Mr. Irving gave an excellent lecture. I was sorry to hear this might very well be his last tour of the States. I certainly hope not.

It was great to meet everyone there and I hope we all meet again! Be sure to check back here for my review of the lecture, I haven't had time to finish it because I've been busy reading all the books I bought. Right now I'm on the diaries of Hitler's Doctor and I just can't put it down.

Also, be sure to check out my links and don't make yourself a stranger! Get the other half on the computer too and have him check in once in a while!


Prothink said...

Thats sucks. I went to his website and it said August 30 for St Louis. By the way, I am Mike Delaney from and I just moved to the St. Louis area. If anything interesting is ever going on please let me know:

Mike Delaney

Orion said...

Greetings Michael. Mr. Irving will be in Chicago and Kansas City this month. I could probably make it to KC if you are interested in attending. Don't miss his lecture, they are superb.

I added your blog to my list, and will borrow the sons of liberty video. You are right about something big about to happen, It's coming soon. Can't say I don't welcome it.