Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breaking News! Past ACLU President Busted for Child Porn!

Scratch that. This actually happened a year and a half ago. Did you hear about it? This is the same guy that argued in court to allow unrestricted access to the Internet, including pornography, in public libraries. He also worked for "Social Justice". From Wikipedia:

At the time of his arrest, Rust-Tierney was a member of the Virginia ACLU's board of directors, but he resigned his position after he was arrested. Rust-Tierney also performed a role under Volunteers in Service to America for the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. He has been an advocate for civil rights, and was a faculty member at the Benchmark Institute (an institution centering on social justice and "fostering change to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population").
Got that? This filthy leftist pervert was all behind "fostering change" in order to facilitate the extinction of the White Man. Now think for a second, White Man. In whose interest is it to hide this story from the general public? You are surrounded by enemies, White Man, and it's time you started identifying your targets.

I can't find a pic of him, but I'd be interested in seeing what he looks like. Hook nose, anyone?

Thanks to Michael Delaney's prothink for the info and link.

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