Sunday, August 31, 2008

When White Men Resisted the Predatory Capitalists

On May 19, 1920, agents of the Stone Mountain Mining company arrived in Matewan, West Virginia and begin evicting poor people from their company owned homes at gunpoint in the cold, drizzling rain. Some White men got word of it and decided to act here. When will you decide to act, White man?

After this act of resistance to predatory capitalism, the mining company and their stepin fetchits set a trap for the Pro-Union Police Chief who had acted to protect his people. You can read about it here.

Think about this next time you read or hear about the new private armies like Blackwater and Global Security.

All this finally came to a head with the Battle of Blair Mountain when close to 15,000 miners took on the Mining Company, the Logan County Sherriff's department and the US Army, led by one Billy Mitchell. You remember ole Billy, don't you? He was buddies with General MacArthur, who in 1932 busted up and murdered a peaceful camp of WWII veterans tired of waiting for the Government to make good on its promises. Guess who was carrying out the orders?The same people that destroyed the racial wellspring of our race, the Germans.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Mitchell was testing his bombing theories on white labor. Crooks and traitors, all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Even though there wasn't an immediate reaction to this, it paved the way for others.

Anonymous said...

This is what a man should be . No fear to stand up nd fight for what is right . I have been up and down the east coast and as far west as missouri and WEST " BY GOD " virginia is the place where a man can be a man ! I beleave all white men should stand up for what they beleave in good or bad !