Wednesday, August 20, 2008

St. Louis Murder Map

Interesting map, you can go back to 2005 and check out where every murder occurred. This, in a city that hasn't even reached the magic 55% yet (officially). The map does not include nigger murders in surrounding East St. Louis and Ill, or in St. Charles county, where we've had 2 nigger on white murders so far this year.

I guess Frank Weltner was right, St. Louis niggers are a particularly vile kind of nigger.


stlgoon said...

it aint our fault yall duck azz,wet dog smellin azz,kracka azz honkiez so eazy 2 kill.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious. Is there some kind of subtle humor that I'm not getting or have you managed to be completely racist and offensive on this blog Access St. Louis.
Why use the "N word" It only reminds people that with every minor stride forward there is a hurtful reality just under the surface. Are you scared? Imagine how scared someone is in a society with prejudices. The uncertainty, the pressure, the anxiety. Nonetheless we are here together so please everyone; no mater who you are I beseech you to make an effort to be good to your neighbor and goodness will come back...then we all don't have to be so scared!

Anonymous said...

this must be written by a tightass jew.

Anonymous said...

Nigger lovin' jewboy

Anonymous said...

White people murder too. A murderer is a murderer no matter what color they are.

Orion said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Anon. Let me ask you something. If you subtracted all the murders in St. Louis committed by negros, what number would you come up with? 4 or 104 (as of 11/1/2010)?

Thank you please come again.