Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Revolution is Necessary

When I aided the foreign relations of presidential candidate and president-elect Vicente Fox back in 1999 and 2000, I met with almost 80 U.S. congressmen and senators during numerous trips and at several events. With just over 50 of them, my colleagues and I spoke about immigration in some depth, as it is one of the important bilateral topics. My findings were reported in a Backgrounder published by the Center for Immigration Studies called “Politics by Other Means.”1 It is a dense and academic paper, but the basic finding was: Indeed, American politicians are overwhelmingly pro-immigration, for a variety of reasons, and they do not always admit this to their constituents. Of those 50 legislators, 45 were unambiguously pro-immigration, even asking us at times to “send more.” This was true of both Democrats and Republicans.
Still think we can change things by voting? Are you still under the delusion that your government has any sort of legitimacy? Can you bring about change peacefully by joining some advocacy group?

While I can recall many accolades for the Mexican immigrants and for Mexican-Americans (one white congressman even gave me a “high five” when recalling that Californian Hispanics were headed for majority status), I remember few instances when a legislator spoke well of his or her white constituents. One even called them “rednecks,” and apologized to us on their behalf for their incorrect attitude on immigration.
Got that? You're an ignorant bunch of rednecks on the way OUT. Your culture, your heritage, your genes, all will be lost if they win. Are you going to let them win? You will if you continue to buy into the blight wing COHNservative LIE that working within the system will bring about change. It won't.

With this post, I introduce another blog called majority rights, which can be accessed through the links panel. I recommend you give it a visit.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Good points - I will check this link out .

I know many will burn me at the stake but I've never voted . I've never seen where it's made any difference in the long run against the agenda working against us . The overall program has never changed .

While many may do some good in awakening folks to the beast system , working within their constraints is an effort in futility .

The whole system needs to be razed and start from scratch .
But we have many idol worshippers among us who will fight tooth and nail , never realizing they support their own destruction by putting a band-aid on a festering , oozing mass of corruption .

Anonymous said...

I'm registered but I usually do not vote in national elections. I registered so I can sit on a jury and nullify the unjust laws of these jewnited states, or hang niggers.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Good point Firestorm .