Tuesday, October 7, 2008

America Bankrupt, Israel Still Receiving Taxpayer Handouts

With this post, we introduce another blog from the blogsphere; The Defenestrators.

No more central banking schemes. No more multiculturalism used to displace and destroy a free and unique peoples. No more marxist social engineering of White people to hate themselves and feel guilt for things they have never done, and no more exploitation of the black(or other non-White) community as a tool to achieve this. No more non-European immigration. No more amnesty, sanctuary, or quarter for 3rd world illegals. No more Holohoax lies used to justify the Genocide and suppression of Gentiles (especially Europeans). No more tax payers dollars to pay for their multi-kulti indoctrination centers founded by liars and religious fanatics(see Wiesenthal cntr). No more murder of innocent Arabs just because they are Arabs. No more ADL to suppress, repress, and take the civil liberties away from the rightful Americans. NO MORE.


Read all about it here.

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