Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jews Back From Holiday - Markets Resume Meltdown

Tuesday was a very nice day. Comments like "we haven't seen this in 6 years, this is incredible!" a lot of optimism on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the market was down slightly, which would be normal.

Today, the Jews are back in town, and the Markets are diving. Jewish hedge funds, after begging to remove the ban on shorting the financials, have turned to Materials/Commodities, which are getting destroyed. TED credit spreads are the highest they have ever been. It's like a coordinated effort, which it is. The jews will kill their host if they can make a buck.

DJIA 10576.83 -254.24
Nasdaq Comp. 2010.65 -58.75
S&P 500 1129.81 -31.25
NYSE Advancing Issues 568
NYSE Declining Issues 2697
NYSE Trading Volume 3.0 bln
NASDAQ Advancing Issues 662
NASDAQ Declining Issues 2046
NASDAQ Trading Volume 931 mln

Compare that to what was posted on Tuesday. If you are in this insane kike casino, be careful. If you are a revolutionary, be prepared. The Bailout will do nothing to stop the collapse.

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Anonymous said...

Jews have almost wiped out all the gains from this week. If you go to curt maynard's site, he has a video of someone named ticker guy who explained the real reason for the bill to rescue jewish bankers.