Sunday, October 12, 2008

And Now, A Speech From William A. White, Well Dressed National Socialist

Since the Great Satan is harassing William, I though it appropriate to play a speech from a few years back when William was with the NSM. Even if you don't agree with the uniforms (I don't), you can agree with the message. He's not even using notes!


Anonymous said...

Bill White: Excellent Example Of How NOT To Be--At Least For One Respect
(Apollonian, 12 Oct 08)

What white and gentile patriots need is a common ground in sentiment, not merely intellect, for anti-semitism which isn't merely racial-oriented, but cultural too. Reason fits the bill, of course, but is too limited for the common understanding of people; that's why we need Christian aesthetic. Thus we strive for an aesthetic and emotion/sentiment PERFECTLY parallel to rationalistic/conscious anti-semitic endeavor and mentality.

Thus an anti-Christ like Alex Linder/VNN ( is actually counter-productive, a real agent of Jews, who subverts Christian, hence most optimum anti-semitic unity, despite all his pretended anti-semitism. For by rejecting Christian aesthetic, Linder/VNN rejects thereby most excellent means of relating with useful allies against Jews, white and non-white.

For not to understand Christian anti-semitism is not to understand real nature of Jew, which is necessary and essential, Jews foremost exponents of subjectivism, foundation of lies, lies the crux of their anti-human, anti-gentile efforts and campaigns (as Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Bill White continues to play far too coy regarding Christianity, refusing to understand such Christianity with his willful stupidity regarding essence and nature of Christianity, an aesthetic commemorating lonely human battle for truth against Jew lies, conspiracy, etc.

Observe the crass stupidity, as we presently see in context, of Bill White for all his mindless dis-respect for Christians, making fun of me, Apollonian, for example, me trying to make use of his incompetently arranged blog-site, calling me "retard"--and now he suffers this latest incursion/intrusion by FBI. I wonder now if Bill White imagines Christians will relate very much with his difficulties, the damn fool.

For surely, FBI strikes such as Bill White, at least partially, as they know he's so alienated fm white people/volk with his idiotic contempt for Christianity, White thus rendering himself far more vulnerable than he needs to be. Does White imagine he's best EXAMPLE thereby for white folk, their organization, and unity? I'd say it's far better to forge a unity among volk, which includes that sentimental Christian sympathy.

Present issue then for Bill White is whether he'll LEARN anything for the use of relating w. fellow gentiles, who do not differ at least as they're Christian-oriented.

Bill White is otherwise smart and heady--BUT TRAGICALLY THICK-SKULLED for utility and virtue of Christianity (hence aesthetic) as means of relating with fellow anti-semitic citizens.

CONCLUSION: So what good is Bill White?--he's one excellent example of HOW NOT TO PROCEED for working upon a broad, common, sentiment and sympathetic foundation within the people and their mentality for ANTI-SEMITISM. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Volksgeist said...

When I see men like Bill White, I am reminded of a speech Dr. William Pierce once gave. You can find it here

Orion said...

Ah, hadn't seen that video in a while. Dr. Pierce is correct, as usual. William had so much potential; Intelligent, good speaker, actually stuck to Aryan Values like family and hard work, unlike some other so called "leaders" in this so called "movement". His megalomanical stubborness got the best of him. I don't know how many times he was urged to ditch the Hollywood costumes and get right. It's too bad he didn't use his ability to pull info on people to better use. Would have been nice to see of the losers he exposed airconditioned via lead.

It sucks that William will sit in prison while fucking losers like Shoep still march around seig heiling and advocating the joys of satan. That infurates me.