Friday, October 3, 2008

Apollonian Has His Own Blog Now!

Thanks to the largess of William A. White, well dressed Nazi!

Stop by and say hello to our prolific blog poster!


Anonymous said...

[I'm not sure if Bill White will actually post below, which I wrote-up and then entered in reply to his rather impertinent entries, recorded at very bottom--this is all fm, "Maryland...," 6 Oct 08. A.]

Basic Christian Strategy: Simple, Straight-Forward, With Record Of Most Glorious Success When Understood, Used Properly
(Apollonian, 7 Oct 08)

Okay, I note u say above u "e-mailed" another password, but I haven't rec'd anything--this is no joke.

I suggest u lay off the "retard" intimidation as I won't put up with it, comrade. As I'm 55, and u're mere 31, surely u understand u utterly fail to impress me.

And observe u were informed in minutest detail as to EXACTLY what the problem(s) were and are. After all, u can't even spell simple words, though I observe u finally made a change in the blog heading.

I'm not kidding I've not rec'd any new password. Note again, fm my earlier notes, when I typed in "username" error msg would appear. Even when I tried ur mis-spelled version, error msg indicated it was wrong username.

I don't know what u're talking about above regarding "write"--there's no heading or option for that--if there is, perhaps u need to say explicitly where it's to be found--and don't give me that "retard" bullshit--be business-like and to-the-point, and if u can't, just forget it all. We need to try to cooperate here, I'd say.

I note u seem to be working somewhat intensively w. ur business, court and lawyer activity, and family affairs, so if this blog stuff is too much for u, don't let me put u out. Problem is certainly not at my end--as anyone keeping up w. these blogs can observe.

Perhaps our white people seem to u to be quite stupid--so much so, they themselves seem to understand a good deal of this mental incompetence of theirs. But it's really a problem, I suspect and seriously believe, of HYPNOSIS, by which they're mis-led, misinformed, and misguided, imagining they're supposed to be "nice," and hence "open-minded."

So what we basically, simply need to do is to HELP BUILD RESISTANCE to this hypnosis, which is not too difficult--as is well known in hypnosis circles--one cannot be hypnotized if one makes serious resistance.

My intention therefore, is to basically, essentially remind volk of most simple things--as about that basic Christianity, and how it's DELIBERATELY DESIGNED to be anti-semitic--it doesn't "work" any other way.

Consequently, any Jew-friendly type of "Christianity" could ONLY be a fraud--a TOTAL, absolute mis-representation of Christianity which is SUPPOSED to be anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, again, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

Too many people have forgotten this simple thing about Christian anti-semitism, imagining Christianity is mere way of being "nice"--it isn't. One's supposed to be nice ONLY to allies and fellow Christian soldiers--and this is something ANSWP would do well to understand.

Christianity is literally a way of warfare, and observe it is only thing in history which has ever succeeded against Jew monsters. ANSWP makes big mistake if it takes Christianity lightly. Christian anti-semitism must be utilized and properly INVOKED fm within subconscious mind of the white volk--and it doesn't even require one be Christian oneself to be able to invoke this Christian anti-semitism. Working strictly fm simple Christian aesthetic literature is enough.

CONCLUSION: So "commander" u need to understand u must not screw around and about, and u don't scare me in the slightest. Get serious and cut the crap; u're not fooling anyone. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

--------above by Apollonian in response to below--------

answpcommander Says:
October 7th, 2008 at 12:13 am

One of the rules of having your own blog is that you are not allowed to be a retard once it is given to you.

I will reset the blog once, and this is it.

answpcommander Says:
October 7th, 2008 at 12:24 am
I have set up your last chance blog and emailed you a password.

To use it, you click “write” then type a post after logging in.

Orion said...

Why don't you email me the password he gave you and I'll test it out. If I can get in then there is something going on with your computer. After we fix it you can change the password.

Orion said...

Doesn't work for me either. I'd ask him to check the user tables and/or rights to the database. probably got hosed when he changed the name. I tried it with a capital "A" and the original "pp" in addition to the normal spelling. It's not a password issue. Ask him to log in as you.