Friday, October 24, 2008

Dow Futures At Limit Down, Economy Continues Fall Into a Great Depression

Right now, at 5:30am CDT, Market circuit breakers have kicked in, meaning stock futures cannot trade down any further. Hedge Funds are liquidating like crazy for their filthy rich investors, leaving the institutional and retail investor holding the empty bag while they head out to vacation to the South of France.

It's no longer coming. IT'S HERE. A Mongrel in the presidency with Social Marxists in charge of the government coupled with a Great Depression creates the perfect storm. You are being handed an opportunity that presents itself once in every 200 years, if that. This is the chance to right all the wrongs and reassert the Natural Order of things.

The resistance urges all Patriots to not let them get away with it. Time to deal in lead and steel, or you and your children will live as slaves amongst the turd worlders. Since the illegitimate government will not deal justice to the people that caused this mess, it's left to you.

Are you up to the task?


Anonymous said...

Definitely Orion. Personally, I'm thinking it would be better if the half nigger Osambo is elected and we get the war over and done with, rather than having to put up with another Bush-like neocon who'll just string things along.

Orion said...

I agree 100%. I hear all this "vote for McCain because we don't want a nigger president" bullshit but he's just as deadly to our race as Obama. A traitor is just as destructive as any racial alien. Even more so, because he's wearing the same uniform as us.

At least with the magic negro, we have a chance to wake people up.